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should i let my son cry himself to sleep? he is 10 months old and he sleeps very well through the night and in his crib he always has, he goes to bed at 9:30 and wakes at 8, but when he has to sleep elsewhere in his pack n play he seems to stay up way later and wake up so much earlier, and he often cries a lot and i let him for about 30 mins.


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My son is the same way. I travel to visit family and have to use a pack n' play for like a week at a time. I finally started to bring HIS crib blanket he always sleeps on at home and put that in the pack n' play so he is sleeping on something with HIS smell and is familiar. I also put down some extra blankets/sheets under his crib blanket to soften the hard bottom of the pack n' play so it mimics his crib closer. Since I started to do this, he sleeps almost as well in the pack n' play that he does his crib! Also try to keep as much of your normal home routine even if you are not at home.

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My daughter was the same way. She does not like to sleep anywhere but at home. When we do sleep some where else, I already know that more then likely I'm in for a rough night. I think Stasia is right about him feeling uncomfortable, he more then likely needs a little more cuddle and love when he's sleeping some where other then home.

I found with my daughter I would take what ever sheet or blanket was on her bed with me. so it already smelled like home and her fav music. Now she doesn't seem to have a problem, well at least at night time. She still won't nap during the day anywhere other them home. I hope this helps. good luck

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I think it is very stressful for babies when they are out of their normal sleep environment. If you let him cry at this point, it might make him feel even more uncomfortable when he sleeps there.

Maybe you could try incorporating a noise maker, stuffed animal, or blankie and then take it when you have to use the pack n play?? My daughter has a "sleep sheep" that makes rain sounds and when she hears it she understands it is sleep time. We also use gro bag baby sleep sacks and she only goes in them at bed time.

Hope it all works for you !

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