Son that dose not eat,or talk properly yet

Leanne - posted on 04/23/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi all,

My son is 4 in one month he still is not talking( a few words but not much he tries but its conceded to be baby talk still. My partner keeps looking at me to understand what his saying), hardly eats anything, very picky with food (to the point that he does not get fruit, veg or any real protein in his diet. I have tyred everything short of sitting on him and force feeding him) and social skills are not that great either. I have tyred/applied for all the professional help but have to wait till July for anything to start happening. I have had family members and others suggested to me that my son may have autism.

now i also have a 8month old that has moderate hearing loss in both ears. I’m finding it very challenging to help both my little darlings develop properly.

My family members live in another state so I cannot get help from them. the doctors and all the people that are meant to help are no help at all.

mean while I do all I can to help them both. with their speech, hearing skills, fine/big motor skills an playing games and everything I can think of.

What can I do to help my little man.

Is there some way any one knows to get kids checked out without waiting forever for.


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Angela - posted on 07/03/2012




Leanne- I'm so sorry you are going through so much and with such little ones. Ok, as for the 4 year old...a mom's intuition is never wrong. You know your child better than anyone else and you know something isn't right. By the symptoms you mentions he could very well have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Are there other signs such as walks on toes, spins in circles, obsesses over certain objects? Does he look you in the eye when you talk to him or does he look away? These are generally questions asked around the age of 3 and 4 at the pediatricians. As for his doctor, do you see a family doctor or a regular peditrician? My family doctor didn't believe me when I said my daughter might be autistic. I had to find a doctor that listened to me. So I totally understand the frustration of not being heard. After one sitting with the dr. he referred us to the clinic associated with the hospital, we waited months before getting in to see anyone but it was worth it. She was diagnosed that day as high-fuctioning autistic with hyperactivity. Since then I've had my son and he started displaying signs of possible autism and we are waiting for his appointment and the clinic. In the meanwhile, I contact the school in my district and told them I would like my son tested. All I had to do was write a formal request. The testing was free and local. We got him into an early intervention program in January and he attends 5 days a week for 6 hours. He gets speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. It's only been a few months, but the progress he has made is amazing.
Those would be the first steps I would make....get an appointment with a pediatrician that is familiar with autism and contact your school district. It is summer, but someone is there to respond. I know your youngest has a hearing problem, have they given your 4 year old a hearing test as well? That may be something else they want to do. As it was suggested earlier, sign language is a great device even for your 4 year old. The website is a fountain of information, but please don't hestitate to ask if you need anything else!

Leanne - posted on 04/27/2012




ty so much for your sargestions and your responce i truely do appriciate it.

yes ive been to RNT doctors Ped's Doc for 8m old. Specialist and all for him hes doing great getting in ear hearing aids soon and we go to play groups with other hearing loss children and one on one appointments too. hes all sorted they lisoned to me with him cause test showed someing wrong from birth.

Its my oldest that no one seames to be lisoning to me about

physical he looks health can do all that he should do.

but mentaly and socaily and eatting not so much

he came out blue the hospital and docs never followed up on that tock a few mins for him to pink up too.

he started walking at 6months went to the doctors for that one cause some many people said thats fast for a baby

Lori - posted on 04/24/2012




Oh WOW. Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate right now. You do really need to get professional help for both your children. I wish I had great advice for you, but I don't.

If you're suspecting autism, you could check out some autism websites, and they may be able to connect you with someone who can help you sooner. Or there may at least be some ideas on what you can do to work with your son until the Dr.'s give you a diagnosis and plan of action.

For your 8 month old, I would think beginning to learn sign language would be the place to start. There may be some sort of surgery than can be done to help his hearing, or he may need a hearing aid. I know the internet is full of information, and misinformation too, but start searching for what you can find out about hearing loss in a baby online and you may find some good tips on what to do, and if nothing else you may have some good questions for your Dr by the time you do get an appt.

I'm assuming you've been to your pediatrician or family doctor? Have you been to your local department of family services? Or your local WIC office. WIC won't provide health care, but they can help with referrals to the right place.

Keep pushing and advocating for you children. If a doctor tries to blow you off, be persistent, tell them you know your child needs some extra help. Be firm. If one doctor can't/won't help, ask them who you need to go to next.

Have you enrolled your son in pre-school? Many public schools offer pre-school for children with special needs, and will help you get your son tested and on an IEP (Individual Education Plan).

When you know you need help for your LO's it's never soon enough... but some times finding the right type of help does take some time. Just keep being persistent and keep pushing for answers and keep advocating for your child.

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