Starting on Chicken!!??

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My baby turned 8 months today, so I decided to make some chicken!
I baked it, then pureed it....added a little bit of apple sauce to it.......AND.....she hated it! She had the most disgusted look on her face!

Any suggestions on what I can add or how to make it more enjoyable? Also...will she like it later? Anybody else go through this?

Thanks...Eva and Elylah!


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Aandrea - posted on 01/21/2009




My daughter, Kamryn, hated anything that involved meat if it was pureed.  I found that she will eat meat if i cut it up into tiny chunks.  She loves it and can't get enough of it.  but it took her a bit to get used to.  hopefully its just a phase!

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My son has been interested in adult food for quiet a while. We allowed him to have some of the pastas and cheeses and soft things. I've also used the stage three baby foods which have the meat and he does alright with those. Loves the pasta more than the straight meat foods though. Today at preschool they had chicken nuggets and he ate two of them. the teacher took the breading off and then breaks up the chicken and he feeds himself. He loves eating himself. I give him pancakes, cheese, cheerios, and even the chef boyrdee (sp) foods as they are soft enough for him to eat. He also loves mac and cheese. I'm not sure I'm going to buy any more baby food when all he wants is what we have.

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I just break the chicken up into small peices and hand them to my daughter on her tray...I always stay close by and keep an eye on her but she does great! As a matter of fact she throws a fit if I try to feed her anything at all now, she wants to do it all herself! I tried some applesauce on a spoon, handed her the spoon...that was a mistake so I just slice the apples and hand them to her...she does not eat any baby food anymore.

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Hey Nancy! So we just finished lunch..and I put 2 tbsp of chicken with 4 tbsp of yellow beans....and we got through a lot of it....NOT her favorite, a little bit of gagging, but we did ,uch better than the other day! My sister suggested making soup and mushing it all witha fork(chiken, carrots, potatoes, etc) Ill try that next! Thanks and good luck to you as well!

Nancy - posted on 01/21/2009




Hi again Eva - I have had the same reaction from my daughter with both the homemade turkey and the babyfood with the meat. I have had some success with adding just a bit of the homemade to the vegies she likes the most as Amanda suggests - but she can definitely tell there is meat in there! I say keep on trying a bit at a time - that is what I am doing and hopefully they will soon be eating their meat! I had similar reactions to some of the vegies I tried in the beginning that she is now earing.

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Try just giving her little bits... Let her put it in her mouth or you do it for her. Keep a close eye and see what she does. My Lilly has been trying different food for a while now, doesn't have any teeth in yet, and loves mommy's food! Tonight we had pasta see shells and peaches. As long as it is soft I don't worry that much. I just keep a close eye on her while she eats.

My DR. suggested different things to help her learn to eat and get uesd to food.

Geneviève - posted on 01/20/2009




I usually give meat mixed with the veggies to my daughter and she doesn't love it, but she doesn't hate it either. I think she just doesn't like pureed meat.

I've been told that if you mix it with cereals it's better as it hides the texture better. Also, make sure to add enough water when you puree her chicken as it makes a big difference in the texture.

Stephanie - posted on 01/20/2009




Our LO is almost 8 months and we tried her on pork this weekend. We had pulled pork (very soft) so I pulled it in to tiny pieces and tried feeding her a few bits at dinner. She seemed pretty ok with it. I pureed some with some steamed peas yesterday and she gobbled it down. I tried a bit of the puree though and there is just a bit of a flavor to the peas, not a dominant one. It might just be a matter of trying it again. Our daughter seemed to hate sweet potatoes the first time she tried them, but loves them now.

Shari - posted on 01/20/2009




I'm impressed that you made it yourself!  I'm a mother of twins and I'm lucky to just to get them fed using store bought food.  :)  I did try the twins out on chicken the other night and my son made a face but ate it while my daughter proceeded to gag and through up.  So don't worry it's not your cooking!  I've heard that it can take 8-10 tries for the kids to really decide if they like something or not...just keep at it. 

Amanda - posted on 01/20/2009




I did the same exact thing a few weeks ago as my pedi. told me to try proteins. She wasn't that interested but she also had an ear infection at the time. I will be trying again this week. I tried ground turkey as well but didn't puree it (I mean, would you want to eat pureed meat??) but she sorta choked on it so we threw that away. She really like soft tofu though, if you want a protein alternative. Try mixing it with whatever she usually likes for veggies or fruits again, but make it mostly fruit/veg with a bit of meat, then gradually work in more meat. good luck!

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