Walking on her tip toes

Katie - posted on 08/12/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )




My baby has been walking for about a month now but has just started walking on her tippy toes the past couple of days. She does not do it all the time only every now and then. Has anyone's baby started doing this or has done this. If so, does anyone know why??? How long does it last????


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Cindy - posted on 09/16/2009




when i read this it made me laugh, i was a tipee toe walker and my son is one too. doctor said nothing to worry about..just a stage just like biting/screaming/not sleeping...list goes on and on!!

Clare - posted on 08/19/2009




It is best you get her to stop if you can. It can be damaging on the tendons in her legs over time. The same issues are caused by children doing gymnastics and dancing at a young age. It seems like we are doing the right thing but the long term damage on little immature muscles and bones is suprising.

My daughter was doing this so I bought her some good quality shoes with arch supports and now she has to walk with her heels down as the shoes don't allow her to tip toe

It is fun for your child when they are a little bit older. Say 3 years old. At that age they are more likely to do it just now and then as a game. However, this young it may be a harmful habit she is forming.

Ashley - posted on 08/18/2009




My daughter does this as well. Her dad's sister, and his neice did this when they were learning to walk. And both of them grew out of it within a few years. His neice still does it once in a while but she is still under 4. It did not effect anything with their walking or anything like that, i agree that it's just a more fun way of walking around for them, i always tell my daughter she is going to be a ballerina lol

Sarah - posted on 08/18/2009




I was a tippy toe walker and my 14 mo. b/g twins are the same.

The Doc told my mom to put ortho shoes on my feet so I would use my heels when I walked.

There was a small concern about the calf muscles in my legs developing shorter if I stayed on my toes.

I am 32 and still walk on my toes!

Michele - posted on 08/16/2009




Try buying Squeaky Shoes to encourage baby to walk on heels. Look on line, we bought ours in China but I see them on line just much more expensive. They are great and my daughter loves to walk on her heels to hear them make noise. The squeakers come out if you find that you dont need them anymore and they are driving you bonkers! :)

Christie - posted on 08/16/2009




According to my husband, his daughter, from a previous marriage, walked on her tiptoes as a small child and everyone told her how cute it was and told her she was a little princess and whatnot which just encouraged her to continue. It deformed her tendons and she can only walk on her tiptoes now. Also, I read that it was a symptom of autism. Take all this with a grain of salt, of course. Just some things to consider.

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I have a friend who's son did this. He did it for a long time actually, but eventually grew out of it. I don't think you have any need to worry. He's wont be walking to get his diploma, on his tiptoes : )

Arwa - posted on 08/13/2009




I had seen a programme on Discovery channel which once had shown that there are few babies who walk tip toe which is normal i guess...

Katie - posted on 08/13/2009




No, she does not use a walker. She has been walking on her own for about a month now. I think it is turning out to be something she just likes to do for fun (thanks Alicia). She did it a lot the day she discovered she could do it. Now she only does it sometimes.

Cathralynn - posted on 08/13/2009




Does she use a walker, if so then stop. They cause tip-toe walking cause babies can't see their feet when learning to walk.

Alicia - posted on 08/12/2009




I think it is just something new and fun! Like walking backwards--just another discovery of a newly found skill!

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