11 month old having constant ear infections. any advice?

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my son is almost a year old and so far this year he has had two ear infections, both treated with antibiotics. seems to be the same ear every time. dont know what to do or what to talk to the pediatrician about anyone got any advice as to what to do.?


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My daughter will be one year old next month and she is on her 8th ear infections sense she was 6 months. she gets better and then they come back. She has tubes in her ears and for a month she seemed to finally feel better, now again she is having even more ear infections. i put ear pluggs in her ears when i bathe her and dress her warm. Her dr. keeps givingher ear drops that arent working. what should i do! what am i doing wrong? should i find a new dr. again? HELP please!!!


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My daughter is a year old she has had quite a few ear infections. She does not drink a bottle laying down, we put a hat on when there is the slightest chill or wind. We kept going back, and finally saw a doctor who discovered that her ears don't drain properly on their own, and fluid is staying in her ears. She has had an ear infection for about 6 months now. Been on various antibiotics, goes away for about a week or so and then comes right back. She has to have tubes inserted in her ears to help drain the fluid out. Ask your doctor if maybe your baby is having the same problems.

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Luckily, my son hasn't had any ear infections.. I've also heard that ear infections can be caused by children not being elevated/sitting up while they're being bottle fed. You can try that. If I were you, I was ask my pediatrician what he/she thinks the leading causes are for my son's ear infections, and if there's anything I can do to prevent anymore from happening. I know that lots of ear infections can eventually lead to some hearing loss, and that's why there's ear-tubes that help drain fluid from the ears. You can ask your pedi about the tubes too!

Good luck :)

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Babies get them. Two isn't bad at all. Sometimes babies get ear infectiions because they drink their bottles while laying down. The liquid drains into the nasal calvaity which is connected to the ear and throat. Fed your baby in a sitting position, never laying down. There's this surgery for babies that get serious ear infections, but it's rarly necessary.

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