2nd baby due in May nervous about childcare

Catherine - posted on 03/09/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a 22month old daughter right now -she will be 2, May 3rd and my 2nd girl is due to arrive May 23rd! I am SOOOO nervous that the day will come and it will be unexpected and at like 3am and I won't be able to get a hold of anyone to take my daughter. The phones will go unaswered or what not, it's freaking me out a bit! What would I do? Is anyone in my boat with this being their 2nd and they have a toddler? Or has anyone had this expierence? My first child I was overdue by a week and a half so they scheduled an induction and had it all planned out. I know when you go into labor naturally typically you have quite some time before you actually have to get to the hopsital but I've never had that expierence. Obiviously I have no clue what this labor and delivery will hold... but what happens in those situations? Any tips/stories to soothe my worries would be great lol


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Felicia - posted on 03/11/2009




Hi there, I understand your concerns. I am scheduled for a c-section with my second child on May 4th. I have a 13 month old son and sill don't know who we can get to watch him while we (hubby & I) are in the hospital.  My childless friends have distanced themselves from us, I don't have any family I can rely on and well... I know it will work out, just tends to freak me out from time to time.

This might help you though... when my sister was having her second one (natural child birth) she kind of felt funny all day. (she knew the time was drawing near).. she had me "on call" so to speak and so I sat by my phone all night sure enough 2:30 am she called her water broke and I had to go and stay with her toddler. Maybe if you have any friends or family that you are close enough to to set something up with that will work for you. Good luck!!!

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i agree just talk to your doctor just in case . sometimes labor comes gradually so when you start feeling the contractions id start calling family members and just go from there...thats all you can really do is just take it as it comes. my son will be two in July (my second son is due may 7th) and i already have a little suite case at my parents house for when the big day comes so thats one less thing my husband and i have to worry about. im nervous to.my son was 3 days late and i went into labor at 3:30 am and the contractions started out 3min apart...so it was like BAM! im wondering how this one will go. but thats why as the day gets closer both my parents and my sister keep there cell phones right next to there beds lol and if all else falls my parents would just meet us at the hospital and take my son from there. best of luck to ya

Katie - posted on 03/09/2009




I have a 10 month old (she'll be 1 may 15th) and am due May 2nd with my second daughter. My husband and I live in NY and my family and his family lives 3 hours away in PA. We just recently moved here so we have a similiar situation, we don't have anyone to watch her once I go into labor. My mom is coming up from PA, but that's 3 hours difference! We're planning on bringing her to the labor and delivery ward for the first little bit, you just have to ask your doctor if that's ok. Good luck!

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