Anyone else dealing with baby's food allergies / intolerances and / or reflux?

Michelle - posted on 12/31/2009 ( 15 moms have responded )




It looks like baby William (premmie born 26th May) has my intolerances to gluten, dairy and soy (IBS) and Daddy's family's excema!

Poor kid!

We had to take him to the doctor in November for a once over of his excema (moderate to severe), a family history etc. So the doc started him on a special formula available on prescription (pepti-junior gold) that is dairy, soy and gluten free and we changed what we were washing his clothes in too. Ran out of prescritpion and couldnt get in to see the doc until Chirstmas Eve so couldnt order this stuff until then.... so over Christmas poor baby teethed and scratched himself raw!

Got my new order of the formula in on Tuesday and within 36 hours we were just back to teething again.... Happy little baby chatting away in the corner now! Still has the reflux though - threw up all over grandma at the local shopping center (mall???) yesterday. So that is the next thing to get checked out. I have bad reflux and have been on tablets for it since I was 19.... was sooo hoping that it wouldnt be genetic!

Anyone else having similar dramas?

Michelle from Queensland, Australia


Bronwyn - posted on 01/11/2010




Hi Michelle,
I am also from Queensland (Rockhampton). My 71/2 month old son Marley has had eczema since he was 2 months old. It is pretty well controlled now and he just gets it mostly on his cheeks - Advantan ointment (steroid) prescribed by Allergist works best and I have tried soooo many creams to avoid the steroid cream but at the end of the day it works best - you don't have to use much and Dr said it has been found safe to use on face.

Marley was also getting hives if I touched him after eating whole egg mayonaise and when I tried him on some normal formula (cow's milk). He then had a severe reaction to banana - Can you believe it!!! He vomited, became pale and floppy and was then covered head to toe in hives - so scary. We now have adrenaline in case he has anaphylactic reaction and it comes in a vile because he cannot have an epipen until he is 10kg - he is only 7.65 at moment!! - so it needs to be injected by hand. He is starting day care in March and I am a bit worried even though they said he will be fine.

We were lucky, due to a cancelation we saw an allergist straight away and skin prick tests confirmed he is allergic to banana, egg and dairy. Also mild reactions to peanut, soy and wheat but Allergist said they were mild reactions and still to try him on wheat when bit older. He has had soy milk - didn't like it but didn't have any major reaction.

Sorry this is a long post but it is just great to hear someone in similar situation. Neither my husband or myself have food allergies in our family but Allergist said if you have asthma, eczema and/or hayfever the child is more likely to get allergies and we do on both sides.

He is a happy baby reaching all his milestones and at the moment his allergies aren't much of a problem because he is just eating fruit, vege and meats (slowly introducing something new every 4 days). I am not looking forward to birthday parties etc and we will have to change our eating habits at home too which sucks. I am really hoping he grows out of at least the egg and dairy allergies. Dr said about 70-80% do by school age.

Anyway, not sure if any of this info helps you. But good luck with your little man.


Maria - posted on 01/10/2010




Hey there my baby girl is 7 months also have reflux and she couldnt pooh by her selve was on lactolose since birth and she has excema but since she is on nutramigen(also prescribed by doctor) the excema is better and pooing and most of the reflux its also for allergies

Amanda - posted on 01/05/2010




Hi Michelle
I'm Amanda, my 7 month old son, Jason has been on a special formula since he was younger and since he was 2 months old he has been on Prevcaicd which is a tablet that you can disslove in some water and give it to your baby. ask your doctor about it.

[deleted account]

My daughter,Claire, was diagnosed with reflux when she was 3 months old and our Dr. prescribed PREVACID Solutabs for her. They dissolve in liquid so I just give it to her with a syringe with about 1-2 tsp of water and she loves it. (She probably has realized that after she gets that stuff her tummy doesn't burn and she won't spit up!) Ask you Dr. if that would be an option for your son becasue it's been wonderfull for us.
I wish you the best of luck!

Kylie - posted on 01/01/2010




hi michelle

i'm kylie from Perth in good old australia too :)

when my daughter was a baby she had the worst excema from head to toe and really bad reflux too she was the most fussy and whingy baby and never slept anymore than an hour at a time. i took her to the drs and he said it was all genetic and put her on anti-reflux medication and to just try as many creams and lotions as i could till i found onr that works and iqv lotion was the best ever. she is 3 now and has perfect clear skin and but still suffers from occasional reflux.

the one supprising thing was that the doc said that excema was an inducation of alergries but she had none that i knew of then gut when she turned 18months we found out she was alergic to eggs and peanuts so bad that she has anaphilactic reactions. its very hard to do food shopping and birthday parties are a nightmare!!

my one wish was that my little boy wouldn't have any of her probs and than my lucky stars he is dads son all over!

i hope your little boy is doing alot better and remember that most kids grow out of ecxema and reflux so i'll cross my fingers for you :)


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Michelle - posted on 12/05/2012




Hi Lauren,

Yes i recommend Pepti Jnr Gold. My first son is now 3 1/2 and doing well! The allergy to soy and eggs has gradually disappeared. Still got a bit of the egg problems though. His excema disappears when we got rid of the egg from the diet.

Son number 2 is now 1 month old. We started him on the pepti last month. Only one - 2 bottles a day (comp feeding) but he seems to like it too. LOL He is a boy. Feed him anything and he is good!

Pepti Jnr Gold is soy and dairy free. Available on prescription or over the counter here in Australia. (one half size can is about $22.) On prescription is cheaper but new rules means that you need to get a specialist (pediatircian etc) to give you the prescription. You get 8 half size cans per prescription.

Zen - posted on 12/04/2012




Look up "Robyn O'Brien Ted Talk" on YouTube. A Mom of four who had kids with allergies all of a sudden ( no family history) and researched it. Then "Genetic Roulette" also on Your tube. You can do this and it's crucial not to just slap a cream on it. Excema is the bodies red blinking light to tell you that there is inflammation in the stomach. The stomach is the first line of defense for the immune system. Left unresolved inflammation in the gut can cause allergies stomach ulcers and eventually cancer. Watch both videos and you will alter your families health issues forever.

FYI formula is 46-64% Genetically Modified Soy ( and its not labeled). GM soy has shown to cause inflammation of the stomach, tumors and autism like symptoms in pigs. Hope there is no corn in it cuz thats the same deal.

User - posted on 12/03/2012




My daughter is dairy gluten and soy intolerant also as well as having awful eczema too. I have been searching for a suitable formula as she hasn't had any since 3 months when we worked out the intolerances, she is now 7 months. Do you recommend Pepti junior gold?

Emma - posted on 10/07/2012




Hi there my son is now 1 and he has cows milk allergy and did suffer bad with reflux and I can say my experience with gaviscon sachas was great for my son just ad one to every bottle ask gp to perscribe u somE gud luk.

Michelle - posted on 11/01/2010




Hi All,

Just thought I would update you on Will's progress so far (And I would be interested how your little ones are going to)

Will has been seeing a pediatirician for about a year now at our local hospital. He has had all the blood tests (that was NOT pleasant) and pooh samples and they all came back clear. So no obvious coeliacs disease etc (not surprised as my family has been tested on numerous occassions - me 3 times - for this and we all come up negative) etc.

He is still on prescription formula (pepti junior gold) which he is starting to not to want to drink in preference for my goats milk. Refuses Daddy's cows milk (throws up if he is given it but then so do I). Doesnt like the taste of eggs but we have been told to start introducing those foods from the dietician. Variety, you know. Cant stand soy (but then I cant drink that either). Has started to tolerate wheat (thank goodness) and yeast (yippee!). He is still on the presciption based Omeprazole liquid for his reflux and I had to fight to get that but you can so tell when he has missed a dose or 2! I am on something similar for my reflux and have been since I was 19 (it took them that long to figure it out! And only cause I started hunting for answers about my poor abused digestion when I turned 18).

William's excema seems to be environmental (i.e. triggers are hot weather, sweating, etc). No cortisone creams tend to help however we have had some luck with a couple of remedies:
1. An intensive dry skin therapy (e.g. Renew or Alpha Kerri) followed by a good smear of Daktozin (medicated over the counter broad spectum antifungal nappy rash cream which a friend of mine who works in child care recommended) and / or
2. Cold baths in warm weather with plenty of "unclothed time" at home and / or
3. On really bad days or really hot days I have been known to slit open and pour the contents of 1 x large Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) capsule over his breakfast cereal and get him to eat that. He doesnt always like the taste but if he is hungry enough he will eat it!. And that seems to help the best on the bad days. He will have almost 24 hours of relief that way. I have also been known to take the contents of another EPO capsule and put it straight on the effected area on a really really bad day along with the contents of a small Vitamin E capsule.
Living in Brisbane the bad days out number the good days this time of year by about 4 to 1.
Will is currently 17 months old and is 82cm tall and only 9.55kg. Skinny but strong. Pediatrician has done all he can and has referred us to an allergy specialist on the Gold Coast..... who has an almost 2 year wait list and whose receptionist doesnt pick up his phone.....! Very frustrating. I have a referral to see this allergist too... I saw one when I was about 20 years old or so but apparently things have come a long way since then... so I am told.

So here we go again!

Jennifer - posted on 01/22/2010




My son Kayden is 8 months old today and has struggled with severe acid reflux, milk protein allergy and excema. He is on Nutramigen formula and takes prevacid and Carafate for the acid reflux. Unfortunately he still has issues with it. When he sleeps we always make sure he is propped up to help keep the acid from coming up. I'm hoping he will grow out of it soon!

Celina - posted on 01/20/2010




Hi there, my family has a history of fruit allergies, i can't eat most fruits and my son couldn't eat fruit or veges until he was 3, he had such a bad reaction to them. Unfortunately my daughter also has this allergy, she cannot have tomatoes and when you give her fruit she refuses it and cries (my son did this when he got a reaction to bananas, he refused it coz he knew it would make him very sick). Sabrina has really bad excema, and the only thing that has worked was curash powder all over her body, she breaks out within seconds of eating tomatoes. I'm going to have to avoid giving her fruit until she is at least 3 years old, giving her body a chance to grow out of this allergy. I'd hate her to go through what i go through. I get really annoyed with Dr's and plunket nurses who don't want to admit that fruit can be really bad for some ppl (the whole fruit and vege is healthy and nessasary blah blah). If your baby cries when you give them a certain food, keep a close eye on them, they maybe trying to tell you that it makes them sick. Hang in there Michelle. *Hugs*

Frances - posted on 01/19/2010




my son jermayne is lactose intolerant, has excema, and has acid reflux he has had that since birth, and is always getting a cold .. i feel like im a bad mom sometimes because he is sick so much when i get sick he is, but i do everything possible to get him better and im doing it all alone

Michelle - posted on 01/10/2010




Yeah we have a doc's appointment in a couple of weeks.... will ask about it then! thanks!

Michelle - posted on 01/05/2010




LOL thanks Kylie. Now that is an Aussie name!

I am thankful that William is not fussy. He will generally try any food we give him and then proceed to down it at an astonishing rate. We have tried to slow that down. Gaviscon Infant and a lower number bottle nipple has helped. Not sure what he is allergic to as yet but one of my nephew's on my husband's side has that same intolerance to peanuts complete with epipen... so we will be introducing foods very slowly I think. The daycare has been really good about it too. I am hoping that Will (as we call him) grows out of it but his daddy and Granny both have it to this day so he probably wont. Mind you Daddy and Granny dont have any allergies to anything! I do!

Genetics is just plain strange sometimes isnt it?

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