baby pushing to much?

Denise - posted on 04/15/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Ok so my baby has already flipped and dropped. So i can constantly fell her feet pushing at the top of my stomach... Well after awhile it begins to hurt. does anyone else have this problem. what can i do???


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I get lots of hard kicks in the ribs and they do hurt some times. The only thing that I have found that works is to change positions. I either lay down if I'm sitting/standing or get up and move around if I'm in bed. I have stood and just rocked back and forth which seems to calm the baby a little so that I can fall asleep :)

Chanell - posted on 04/17/2009




My little one pushes her little bottom on the top of my tummy, and it gets ROCK hard. LOL. I sometimes have to just push back and she lets up. Im due May 12th so I dont have much longer, I just love feeling her move around but I can tell she has less and less room each day. Cause when she starts pushing now I can really feel it.

Im not that big yet, so that may have something to do with it. Todate I have only gained about 8lbs. I didnt really start to show untill about 8 weeks ago. ( Its also pretty funny I work in a bank and some of our customers just noticed I was going to have a baby about a week ago.) and when I tell them when im due they almost fall over and then start telling me stories about how they looked at 8plus mths.

Brenda - posted on 04/16/2009




Feels like he's got a foot in each of my ribs sometimes when he streatches out.  I think he's going to be long, because at 37 weeks he already weighs about 7 pounds according to my last ultrasound check.  So he's a big one.  I think we just dropped, because I'm walking like a duck lately, but there is really nothing to do, except hope they move.  my first would dig his head into my right pelvic bone and boy did it hurt!

Denise - posted on 04/16/2009




Im due May 19th but there inducing May 12. Yes im kinda small i mean my belly is still pretty small compared to others and she already weighs 6lbs ( i dont see were). i do the pillow thing i sleep with like 5 of them. i also push on her feet but she just pushes right back.. i dk guess its just part of being pregnant.

Jamie - posted on 04/16/2009




When are you due? I'm due the 22nd, I felt my baby drop easter sunday, Usually the pressure subsides a little when they drop alot. Maybe your baby will drop more. Are you a small girl? Sometime also if your baby is big and you are small the kicks are more intense and noticable. With my last baby that was the case. He ended up being 10lbs! I only gained 25 with him and he was huge. This time it is a girl and I'm not as big, so the kicks aren't as hard....yet! Only 5 more weeks left for me, how about you? Try changing positions. I feel like if I lay on my side and prop pillow all around and under my belly that the pressure on my belly eases up. It is just tight in there. good luck.

Jessica - posted on 04/15/2009




I HAD that problem...wish I still was having that problem, lol- mine flipped and is now transverse- head on my left side and feet on my right side!  When she was pushing against my ribs with her foot, I learned I could move her off by pushing against her with my knuckles for awhile.  Sometimes she would protest by a couple firm kicks, but most of the time it worked!  If she happens to drop more, you'll have more relief, but then again, the pressure down below increases! :) 

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