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Alison - posted on 05/11/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




So my son goes to bed around 7pm and every night wakes up at 2am or 3am, stands up in his crib and cries for us to come get him and put him in bed with us. In the past I've always done this because I'm too tired to do anything else, but now I need some advice on how to stop this bad habit I created. I've tried just laying him back down and rubbing his back, but he'll have none of it and just screams until I pick him up. I'm not very good at listening to him cry for very long. Plus-the minute I put him in bed with us he falls asleep.


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Tania - posted on 05/11/2010




I have put all my kids to bed around 7.30 mark. I would never ever rock my baby to sleep . I have always put them to bed awake so they know thats where they are going . Rocking ur baby to sleep is just another habbit you have to break in the end. lol. back to Alison - I would just let him cry - yes its hard , listening to ur child but you know he is only doing that to get his own way . Don't let him win . Keep the hall way light on for him so he not scared of the dark.It sounds like he knows how to work his mummy . My son does it too. My son has a dummy , he loves it. lol. I go in check his nappy etc - pick him up just the once - give him hug , tell him in a firm voice go sleep give him his dummy turn his musical box on and walk out . My other kids never had a dummy . But i did the same thing minus the dummy Crying doesn't Hurt them ... you no he is ok ..... be strong ......switch off .... he will give up in the end. Once he does give up ...just go back in and put his blankets on . Tough LOVE girl makes all the difference.

You know he is tired ...if he falling a sleep as soon as he gets in ur bed . I wouldnt rub his back ....u would be swapping one habbit for another lol

Rebekah - posted on 05/11/2010




My daughter got into that habit too for a while. The way we broke it was to send my husband into her room at that time (for her 1am). After a week, she figured out that crying was not going to get her mama to nurse her and she quit.

And from the book, "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child" children should aim for a 6-8pm bedtime. From my experience, my children always slept longer and better the earlier (to a point) that I put them to bed. So I think 7pm sounds great.

Tyneisha - posted on 05/11/2010




I think 7 is too early to put him down. I used to put my son down at 7 and he woke up at about that time, then i'd rock him back to sleep. My mom is a nurse at CHKD and she told me to move his time to about 8:30 and it make a difference. If this is an old habit, then your son does it because he can. You'll have to be assertive. When he cries, check in on him, lay him down, then LEAVE. Don't linger. Let him cry. Keep doing this everytime and he'll realize that you won't come everytime he cries and he'll settle down. You'll just have to endure the screaming for a while. That or deal with that well into his toddler years.

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