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Briana - posted on 03/25/2010 ( 20 moms have responded )




What do you plan to get your little one for their first birthday and what are your plans for a party. We are having Stella's as a pink poodle theme. Presents however are hard to decide on. Grandma is buying a smaller lighter Combi stroller and Grandpa is getting a Britax carseat (goodbye infant carrier). Daddy and I can't decide what to get! Any suggestions what a 1 year old may want/need? Thanks.
Post your childs name with your post. I love to hear how creative people get with their childrens names.
Our little girl is Stella Michelle.


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Kayla - posted on 04/02/2010




my daughters name is angelina briann ( just like brian with an extra n... shes named after her daddy) and we are doing her bithday in princess is turning 1. I bought everything from!!! Its a great website and you get the whole nine yards for less then what you would pay in a store! Also you can go to 1st they have everything for a 1st birthday! I am haveing her birthday at the county park so that all the bigger kids can just play! but we bought Angelina a fishing pole a tackle box ( we are a fishing a necklass.. and we plan to go and buy her a ride on toy also..and of course well have to buy her some clothes! I had to put my daughter in a big girl carseat when she was 7 months old because she wouldn't fit in a carrier anymore. She does so much better in a car now too.

Elizabeth - posted on 04/01/2010




My son's name is Gerald Howard (Named after his grandpas who both passed 4 years ago)

I wanted to go simple, and no characters for his party theme. Gerald loves frogs so we were going to go that route, but Daddy found the coolest Transformers2 party package at Walmart for $20 and we couldn't pass it up. Daddy Loves Transformers + Gerald Loves yellow = Gerald LOVES Bumblebee. There'll be friends who have young kids there, i'm expecting about 12 2-5yr olds, games, party bags and $1 prizes. I'm so excited. I'm all ready.

The outside toys are a GREAT idea, thanks everyone! and we got him a stuffed frog that's about the size of him, it's so cute. but that's all we got so far. I do know that whatever money we get for his birthday is going into his very own savings account.

Chelle - posted on 04/01/2010




for my daughter lilly mae's 1st birthday ive brought her a few cute spring/summer outfits and some musical toys like a tamborine and a keybord because she loves to make noise thats all ive got so far. but im definitetly getting her some toy fridge magnets and some crayons and paints to have fun with. and for a bigger present im getting her either a little pop out tent(wich ill fill with toy balls) or a water play table and some water toys to go outside.

for her birthday ive invited a few friends around that have young children. im going to buy a nice cake and hand out little party bags out to the other kids. im probably going to do a few party games for the 2 and 3 year olds that are coming.... the day after her birthday im going to see family and have a little party with them.

Siri - posted on 03/31/2010




My daughter's name is Lucia Rose. I have no idea what we are getting her. I do have the party figured out. It will be at the park and it is a dog theme, since she doesn't really need a theme and daddy didn't want a princess one. lol.

Melissa - posted on 03/31/2010




I got my son a Wagon for his birthday and that's it! For his birthday it's going to be family and friends. Some Backyardigan theme things, but not very many. That's about it!

Mia - posted on 03/28/2010




Our daughter's name is Miette Liselle, and we're not doing a "themed" party, just spring colors (pink and peach mostly).
For her birthday so far she is getting a "Rody" ride on horse (she has played with one before and LOVES it), she has gotten some rally nice Plan Toys musical instruments (maracas, tambourine, etc, as she really loves to make noise) and then some toys I am ordering her off of Etsy. I really don't want my house filled with a bunch of plastic garbage that will break and eventually wind up in a landfill, so I am politely encouraging people to buy for her off of an "Etsy Wishlist" I made of wooden/organic, eco friendly toys. They're really easy to make is anyone is interested!

Kim - posted on 03/28/2010




My daughters name is Penelope Rose and we are doing Sesame Street. We are taking her to the zoo and having family over. For her gift it will be outside toys, she LOVES being outside and bath toys!!

Leslie - posted on 03/26/2010




My daughters name is Madison Ellise (her middle name is an anagram of my first name! :D). We are going with a simple Princess theme, because she is daddy's little princess. We haven't decided on toys, but I do know that we are going to get her those baby crayons ( I went on and looked up toys for 12 month olds, it was really helpful. Though, I found so many toys I could hardly decided what to get for her! I think we need to just go to toysRus to get a good idea and then go somewhere and get the toy cheeper. :D

Erin - posted on 03/26/2010




Happy First Birthday to all the May babies! I have been so undecided about a birthday theme and then finally settled with a Minnie Mouse theme, and then I ended up scratching that idea! I just think she's way too young to have a character-themed party. She has no idea who Minnie Mouse is! So it looks like we're going to go with either a Spring theme with flowers and such or baby animals, and it's looking closer to the baby animals :) Shortly after her birthday we're going to be heading to her father's home, Manchester, England, to stay with her grandparents for about a year, so we're not doing gifts here. Hopefully we will be having a party for her when we get there, considering she hasn't even met her grandparents yet, and she will get gifts then. She really doesn't need any more toys either. She has so many right now she doesn't even get to play with them all. I do think we will get her a baby pool though for while we're still here. We won't be wasting money because I know she'll get some use out of it and it can always be passed on. Plus they're pretty cheap Thanks for the idea, ladies :)

Dawn - posted on 03/26/2010




My husband and i decided to get our son an 8 in 1 trike, as there is not much else he really needs, as he has toys galore after christmas ( the joys of a large family lol!!) this way when the weathersnice we can take that out instead of the pram or pushchair!! good luck!!

Vanessa - posted on 03/26/2010




With the toddler years starting when the weather starts getting nice I suggest some things that she can play with outside. Maybe some ride on toys, kiddie pool or a sandbox. That's probably what I will be doing for my little girl.

Lacey - posted on 03/26/2010




My daughters name is Lily Fay. Were doing a princess theme the main thing is her cake were spending a little more and having an amazing one made for around $100. For gifts were getting a baby pool, a sandbox and toys for it, I'm thinking either the Butterfly Plush musical rocker or the Elephant Plush Musical Rocker. We got her a new swimsuit and a big dog stuffed animal.

Colleen - posted on 03/26/2010




We're buying our son a house! We close on buying our first home on his birthday :) Not sure what we're going to actually get him, but it won't be extravaggant. Since we'll be in the process of moving, we'll have his party at his grandma's house.

Diane - posted on 03/26/2010




We're probably just going to have close family for lunch, since it'll be middle of winter here we can't really do much outdoors. I'm going to tell our other family and friends that want to come over to do it before lunch or after 4pm so she can have her nap in peace. I'm going to have tinkerbell cupcakes and nibblies available all day and tinkerbell decorations up. My daughters name is Haylee Jade, born May 6.

Kelci - posted on 03/26/2010




Im getting my daughter a laptop she loves mine so much and they sell them a toysrus im hoping she wont realize its not real like mommys lol. Were just having her party over at her grammys house (my mom) and have family over and swim and swing and hangout in the backyard. :]

Kari - posted on 03/25/2010




My son is Brendan and he was born May 5th. We bought him a slide/climber, we wanted something for outside, since we have nothing. He might be a little small for it this year, but it was 50% off so a great deal. I wish this post had been up last week, because we couldn't decide and my husband went to toysrus about 1/2 hour before it closed to pick up the slide, it was the last day of the! Our families are getting him a wagon, a water table and maybe a sandbox.

We are having a few friends and family over for the party. We are having a train theme, since that is his favourite toy.

Good luck!

Pattie - posted on 03/25/2010




My daughter's name is Lily and my four year old son is named Charlie (Charles officially). For Lily's birthday we found some pink "Fun to be One" party decorations and we're just planning to have family over for food and cake. For my son's first birthday I made a picture slideshow of pictures from birth to one. I did it to the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World Mix". It was a big hit. He still loves to watch it today and it's a great keep sake. I'm planning to do the same for my daughter. I make extra copies and give them to our family as a party favour. As for a gift, I was saying in another conversation that my daughter is not the least bit interested in toys or TV. I call her my "odds and ends" girl. She loves random household objects - plastic bowls, scarves, boxes shoe laces etc. So we decided right off the bat that she wasn't getting toys for her birthday. She has tons and doesn't play with them. So we decided to get her a wooden swing set, which can seem like a BIG gift for a first birthday I know, but we asked all our family members to go in on it (whatever they were planning to spend) - grandparents, aunts and uncles and we're picking up the balance. We found one at Walmart - it's wooden, has a tree house, mini picnic table, slide, two swings and hanging monkey bars and we're going to purchase a baby swing to attach. All totaled it comes to $440 - which is really a pretty good deal when you consider that many people are going to help foot the bill. It will save on bringing more useless toys into my house (I hate clutter) and she and he older brother will enjoy it for years! Seems like a win win to me!
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Kristie - posted on 03/25/2010




haha i have been asking the same questions. as for the party i think im just gonn have friends and family over for a little birthday party and let the boys and girls play. food presents and cake.
but for presents i have no clue what to get someone who has everything. hes a biig boy so hes already been in the upright carseat. im not shure we need an umbrella stroller yet. im not shure when to get rid of his big diaperbag. and there are only so many toys a child can have lol. a power wheels car wouldnt be so bad though. lol

and his name is hunter.

[deleted account]

i'm having the same problem just posted this question daughters name is Maheila Skye. so far im getting her a power wheels ride on from toys r us its for 12 months and up also a melissa & doug fill and spill purse. but other than that my mind has gone blank. we just bought her a new upright carseat and an umbrella stroller but in june i will be trading it in for a double.

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