feeling horrible about body image at 37 weeks

Beck - posted on 04/28/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I went to a masque party the other night and all through my pregnancy I haven't felt too bad about my weight but when I got to this party I felt so unpretty with my pregnant belly and extra weight I have gained. It was sort of like dejavu as when I was pregnant with my first i went to a wedding at the same point in pregnancy and felt awful then too.
Just seeing all those girls who would have already been skinnier than me even when I wasn't pregnant and seeing how good they all looked in their dresses and me there in a pregnancy cocktail dress in plain black I wanted to run away. I had a fairly good night but all night wanted to just disappear into the floor.

Can anyone give me any hints to not feel so bad about myself, as I also am going out to dinner with my husband for my birthday tonight and he wants me to wear the dress again as he loves it but I don't think i can bring myself to wear it again. I need to think better of myself but I dont know how


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Keela - posted on 04/29/2009




Happy Birthday! We are all huge :) I have stretch marks on my butt, if it makes you feel better!

Shannon - posted on 04/29/2009




I hear you, honey. I have burst into tears twice this week over the same thing. This morning, I looked at my stretch marks in the mirror and burst out crying and was 15 minutes late to work because I couldn't pull myself together. I'm not sure that's what I was crying about, but it was the catalyst. The funny part is, I'm usually the least self-conscious person I know...I really could care less about what other people think, but lately, every time someone tells me I'm huge I want to punch them in the face, then cry some more. My husband is a wonderful, understanding man and I am completely convinced he is not attracted to me anymore. I felt t his way the first time, too, I'm sure, and forgot it all the second I looked into my son's face. (ok, I do remember showering afterwards and looking down and STILL looking pregnant and being really depressed....
Happy Birthday and congratulations on getting so close to meeting your sweet baby. It really IS ALL WORTH IT in the end, and the funny thing is you forget all of the pain, craziness, emotions, and how much it SUCKS to be pregnant very soon and you're ready to do it again!

Julie - posted on 04/29/2009




As I am normally barely a B-cup, I've spent the past couple of weeks (I'm 38 weeks), highlighting my boobs :) Any shirt or dress that I have with a plunging neckline is being worn; and as I'm still not really a C-cup, I'm doing it without a bra as long as the top has a supportive wrap under the breast line. It makes me feel a little bit more attractive.

Vivian - posted on 04/29/2009




It's normal to feel this way at 37 weeks, I think we're all just tired of being pregnant. I for one can't wait to have my body back, and be able to touch my toes again! lol It's all for the baby, the weight will come off & you will have a beautiful baby. Do your nails & hair and enjoy your birthday! It's almost over, enjoy!

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girl, i know exactly how you feel! i gained 50 pounds with my first and this pregnancy as well. i feel HUGE everywhere i go... but i always think of how hard i am going to work out after this baby is out and how i am gonna be one of those skinny beautiful girls, but with TWO children... and thats when i smile! haha

Jessica - posted on 04/29/2009




I think you should go and get a nice manicure, and get your hair done, maybe even your makeup done- have fun and feel good! Tell your hubby that you'll enjoy dinner with him, but if you're not up for wearing the dress, wear whatever makes you feel sexy- and tell him you want a nice long massage after dinner, with no specific expectations following it :) lol (I love the flair that says "all mommy wanted was a back rub!") And yes, it will all be over soon! I'm in the same boat- never got this far along with my daughter, she came at 35 weeks, so being this miserable is a bit foreign to me, too! :) Good luck and have fun!

Jamie - posted on 04/29/2009




Awwww, just remember, it won't be long. Pregnant bellies are so cute. I am also 37 weeks. I went to a baseball game with my husband and all his friend from work. I felt that as I was getting ready. So I understand. But, once I got there I really didn't think about it. Do your make-up and hair cute and wear some great jewlry. Draw attention to your face. Makes you feel better I think. Put on some great perfume and have your husband do all the things he wants to too you. :) That is what the men do, make us feel better at this stage. Keep your head up, happy birthday! I'm sure your baby inside you thinks you are the greatest mom ever!!!!!!

Mindy - posted on 04/29/2009




I'm with you, hun. I'm at 37 weeks, and in my opinion I'm passed the stage of being 'cute and pregnant'. Believe it or not, other people honestly think I'm still cute, and I'm sure other people see you as being cute, too. You have a natural thing growing inside of you, and that will be the most blessed thing ever. Sometime within the next month you are going to have the most precious gift in your arms, and at that point you'll either think "this is all worth it" or you'll be so busy you won't have time to be worrying about your body image.

For me, right now, I have a lot of people (those I know...I haven't had strangers) come up to me and pat or rub my belly. For people I know, like at church, that doesn't really bother me (although it might for some others) because I know it's not going to last for long, so soak up all the attention you can get!

Just try to get in the mindset of the wonderful gift you are about to receive. What helps me is just sitting in the middle of the baby room holding my future baby's teddy bear. Sometimes, I'll have tears of happiness swell up inside me because I almost feel like being a future mom is the biggest purpose in life for me right now.

So yea...flaunt it, show yourself off, be the center of attention right now, because it will only be a few weeks more!

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