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Mindy - posted on 04/25/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm starting to think about preparing meals ahead of time for two (this is our first, so just hubby and me). Does anyone have any meal suggestions that would be great for freezing? Pretty much the only thing I can think of is preparing Hamburger Helper meals (bought a bunch when they were on sale a few months ago). I'm also going to be hard-broiling eggs ahead of time as an easy breakfast/snack. Any other suggestions would be great.

Oh, and if anyone wants to know... to go along with preparing foods ahead of time...if any expectant moms out there want to take along little snacks to the hospital with them, making muffins ahead of time and freezing them work great. I freeze banana muffins right now and put them in pack lunches for hubby and me.


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Heather - posted on 04/27/2009




I am not worried about freezing...everyone is different but after my first I had SO much energy...I was an instant 20 lbs lighter. That and when I saw my 6 months not pregnant belly I wanted to eat as much fresh food as possible to help lose the weight. You will be sore after...I had a ton of stitches due to surgery to remove platena but the lazier you are the longer it will take to recover. I recommend trying to do as much as possible so you dont get stiff. I have heard the same with c-section. I breastfeed so that was my time I always sat with my feet up.

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Chili, soup broth (noodles are easy later on), lasagna, chicken ala king, spaghetti sauce (if you homemade it), meatloaf. - I really recommend the chili though because the beans will help you go #2 and after birth, you will want things to make it a lot easier to go! (recommend colace or the generic too)

Our moms have been cooking for us now for a week. Thank God! It will help a lot because when you need a break, hubby should take baby for you and probably won't be able to do both. Good Luck to you! We have a 22 month old, and t-minus 10 days for baby #2 for us so we very much understand about being prepared ahead of time!!!

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