Has anyone taken their child to the dentist yet?

Tracy - posted on 03/02/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




Just wondering if any of you have had your child in for their first dentist's checkup. We've been priming our son for the big day by telling him the dentist will look at his teeth to make sure they're 'happy' and that he will shine a light in his mouth to look, that kind of thing. He's okay with the idea of going, but the real visit might be another thing entirely! Just curious as to how your visit went and looking for tips and ideas.


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Lacey - posted on 04/10/2012




We just took our daughter for the first time last month. She went to a pediatric dentist my mom knows. It went so great. They didn't have her sit in a chair by herself. They sat her straddling my lap then leaned her back on to his knees (if that makes since to you). It worked wonderfully. Me and my husband use that technique at home sometimes now for brushing her teeth. We did the same thing told her she would be going to the dentist soon and he would look at her teeth and if she was good she would probably get a new toothbrush (she loves her toothbrushes). God Luck

Melissa - posted on 03/31/2012




My son has been to the actual dentist 3 times. Before that his dental office had well-baby check-ups starting at a year. It was an open room set up in stations that was on a first come first serve basis, although you still made an appointment to attend. They offered quick exams looking for anything out of the ordinary and put on fluoride since there isn't fluoride in the tap water where I live. The reason for my son seeing a dentist 3 times already is because he fell really bad one day, tore his frenulum (the skin connecting his top lip to his gums), and ended up cracking his 2 front teeth. His teeth ended up having an infection that wasn't visible from looking at him or xrays, so it was only obvious when the dentist was correcting/filling the cracks. The two teeth ended up getting pulled and I requested a "flipper" be put in (basically prosthetic teeth) because I feared it affecting his eating, speech, and maintaining proper spacing in his mouth for adult teeth. My son has also received a cleaning and is due back for his second in July :)

Rebekah - posted on 03/30/2012




My daughter went last week for the first time. We took her to a pediatric dentist who was fantastic. She loved it.

Sandie - posted on 03/05/2012




I've been taking my son since he was a couple months old, lol. Not too long after him I had a check up booked for myself and took him along, got the dentist to just feel along his gums and have him get used to the feeling of a gloved finger in his mouth. Since then I've taken him to every 6month check up for myself, and every time I had the dentist do the same, when he got his first tooth he started being booked for his own appointment with me. Now he's nearly 3, he sits and watches me get my check up, and plays with the giant teeth and toothbrush set, then jumps onto my lap for his turn and is fine with it.

Just keep it fun, and play dentists at home, it's such a quick trip at the dentist anyway, shouldn't be too big of a problem. Have him watch you get your check up done too, that will help. Good luck.

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Our daughter did much better than expected. I was really nervous about it so when we visited our hometown I took her to my aunt who's been my dentist my whole life. Our daughter was nervous at first and didn't want to get in the chair so my husband sat in the chair and our daughter sat in his lap. I think that really helped! Everything they were doing was explained to her first and everyone was very patient and calm.

Nicole - posted on 03/03/2012




Yeah I took my son back in September & he goes again on Wednesday actually for another check-up. He usually loves getting his teeth cleaned at home, but he hated it at the dentist. I had to hold him the entire time. He loved picking out a toothbrush & toy, tho. I brought his favorite stuffed animal along with him for comfort, but he just got so mad at the dentist that it didn't work.

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