hiya all, i'm 32 weeks pregnant expectin a lil girl i've got a little boy alredy thts 2 next month i want take him the farm but every1 keeps tellin dont go near sheep cause it will start ya off is it was a miff??? cause i've not heard of it b4 x


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Sue - posted on 03/24/2009




Hi. I used to live right by a farm and I think its something to do with when its lambing season...but have not got a clue when that is :D.

I wouldnt worry as my son turned out fine and my garden backed onto the field where the baby cute oochie cooch (slightly over the top there) lambs were.

Elsa - posted on 03/24/2009




Not quite sure what you're asking, but I doubt sheep cause anything to happen to pregnant women. I was around sheep a few months ago, and I'm now at 32 weeks, so obviously it didn't affect me. Enjoy this alone time with your son, and don't worry about old-wives-tales-- they have never been true with any of my 3 pregnancies!

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