I saw this sign, "I'd trade my husband for a housekeeper."

Laura - posted on 11/11/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




So, you know those wood signs you can find everywhere now with all kinds of sayings? Well I found one that made me realize I might not be alone... "I'd trade my husband for a housekeeper."

My daughter Isabelle is 6 months old. She's healthy and beautiful and developing so fast! I feel awful complaining when I have so much that's good, but I wish I didn't feel as though I'm by myself all the time. I work full time and have so little energy when I get home. I grocery shop, cook, clean, do the dishes, make our daughters baby food, and do the laundry. I'm not the best at keeping on top of things but I think I would do better and it wouldn't all be such a chore if I felt like I had help. My husband works long hours as well, and I understand that, but should I really have to ask 10 times to get the cat's litter box emptied???! On top of everything, he's getting pushy about the sex thing. I mean really.... my libido is low enough at the moment and my energy is non-existent. Who would be able to just "turn it on" like a switch with everything else going on? ::Sigh::

Okay. I think I feel better, just needed to rant that out a little. But does anyone else here feel this way? Any recommendations on how to bring this up with him and try make things better? I'm afraid that I going to get to the point that I'll just explode and not be able to take back what I say.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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I would totally trade my husband for a housekeeper in a heartbeat! I understand where you're at, My husband couldn't wait... So maybe do a chart of chores so that everything is equal... I mean he can't complain wiht that logic if chores are evenly distributed right? And with the libido thing, I find that doing some exercise like walking or yoga seems to help. I mean you shouldn't feel the need to just jump right back into that stuff but you also haveto look from the guys side of things... They impaitently wait almost an entire year to do the one thing they think about all the time... I would sit down and talk with him and tell him what you're comfortable with right now and what you might feel comfortable with in the future.

Jacinda - posted on 11/11/2009




first and foremost i now what you are going through. i used to be the aggressor in our relationship (about sex that is).. i would want it four to five times a week and told him that he would regret the day that i would not want sex... that day has finally arrived!!! now he is constantly wanting sex and then asks me , " is something wrong... do you not love me anymore?" men are so simple.... i have no sex drive at all , i cook breakfast , dinner, do the laundry, clean,the house... including his bathroom.... put away the dishes clean the cat box wash the baby dress her,do the shopping, make all family appts, stoke his ego(constantly), and then he has the nerve to want sex....paaaaleeezzzzz!!!!! so in a nut shell , yeah i know exactly what you are going through and im sorry i have no advice to give except that you are not alone, lots of women are in the same boat!!!

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