Ideas for fun with a 9 month old?

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All of a sudden he started noticing the world, he wants to play with EVERYTHING. But he gets sick of his toys really super fast, it seems like.
Any ideas for toys that can help keep him happy and interested for more than five minutes? Or that he will want to play with more than once? Any good activities to do with him?
I feel like I should know this stuff, but he has just started crawling and he's not content doing the same old things anymore.
How do I keep from paying a fortune on toys?


Rebekah - posted on 02/21/2010




My 9 month old loves story time at our local library. They sing songs, say little rhymes and then read a story. I take her (almost) 3 year old brother too, but I think she may like it more than her brother. She'll actually sit and clap her hands along with some of the songs.

Is the weather warm enough for walking outside? Our weather was unseasonably warm today and I took both kids out in a double jogging stroller for a nice jog. And some babies do really great just riding in a stroller at the mall.

As for an indoor activity, you could stack up pillows and blankets to create a climbing/crawling area. My son loved to climb on the cushions of the couch when he was a baby.


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Mandy - posted on 02/21/2010




Olivia loves to tear up catalogues too. You have to keep a bit ofan eye on them so they don't eat the pieces but it keeps her amoused for AGES! Her favourite toy is the Fisher Price Sing and LEarn Mailbox. She loves to open and close the door and listen to it sing. She never gets tired of playing with it. I found with my oldest (now 4) I had 3 toy boxes and dived her things between them and got out a different one every day that she didn't tire of her thnigs as fast. They have such short memories that even 2 days without a toy makes it seem brand new again. It still works at 4!

Narelle - posted on 02/21/2010




My 9 month old loves balls he will chase them around the floor for ages another thing he really loves is spinning toys. We bought him a fisher price polar coaster which has balls that run down a track under some penguins that spin when the balls hit them. He pulls the penguins off and spins them in his hand and will play with those balls. We have tiles and he also loves to bounce them and watch as they roll away. A really cheap form of entertainment I have discovered lately is he loves reading my junk mail he scrunches it all up and even rips it up I am lucky so far he is not big on putting anything in his mouth so even though I end up with a bit of a mess it does keep him entertained. I just have my fingers crossed he doesn't decide to do the same with his books but so far so good.

Stephanie - posted on 02/21/2010




I take my 9 month old swimming - she loves it! I take toys for her to play with in the pool but to be honest she loves to watch the other children playing. Also, i bought a fisherprice treehouse toy from Tesco direct and she has played with it everyday and keeps her amused for hours! It is as simple as putting small see-thru balls containing different animals through a hole in the tree and watching them roll down and spin on discs at the bottom whiilst playing music!

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