Is my one year old too old to still be waking up in the middle of the night?

Atia - posted on 06/05/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




I need some advice or assurance for that matter, about my one year old daughter, Kailani, who still wakes up at least twice in the middle of the night for some milk. Is she to old to still be doing that? And to make it worse, the last time she wakes up is always 30 minutes before the alarm clock goes off and by then shes fast asleep.....should I just let her cry? Do I give her water instead of milk? I need some advice!


Iris - posted on 06/07/2010




My son still wakes up, and he is 1, about 2 times, if I give him dinner around 7... and add a lil cereal to his bottle, well he still wakes up but falls asleep sooner. son still drinks at least 2 bottles at night around 6 oz .. at arnd midnight and 3 in the morning and than 5

Atia - posted on 06/11/2010




i jus want to thank all of you guys for your opinions and suggestions. im going to try out some of these and see what kind of results i get...thanks again you guys and i greatly appreciate it!

Sonia - posted on 06/07/2010




I give my daughter a bottle before bed and she will go the whole night without needing to eat again. Most of the time she sleeps through the night, but when she does wake all I have to do is give her a pacifier and she will lay down is asleep before I leave the room. She just turned one on May 31 and has been sleeping like this for about 3 months. Good luck!

Danelle - posted on 06/08/2010



0 I can't say I am an expert, but I do have several opinions on the matter.

1. All babies are different and they all go through different cycles. Our son was a fantastic sleeper from very early on but just after his first birthday he started getting up in the night even after sleeping all the way through it for months and months. This was hard, but knowing that it isn't "bad" or "wrong" can help. It just is.

2. Your baby isn't likely to actually need food or milk in the night. It is most likely that she needs some comfort and is taking that from her bottle. Because of this there are a few things to keep in mind.

3. If you are giving her a bottle with milk or formula in bed it is a bad idea because it can rot teeth (both those that are out and those that aren't). On the other hand, if you are feeding it to her then you are missing out on sleep and are likely to have a hard time.

4. Some ideas. try waiting a few minutes. If she is getting back to sleep after five minutes or less of crying then you will be teaching her to self sooth and that's a good lesson to learn. If she doesn't calm down then try to comfort her without the bottle. Finally water may be a good idea.

Remember that your baby is normal and she will eventually get past this stage! Good luck!

Rebekah - posted on 06/05/2010




How big is your daughter? My daughter's pediatrician said most children are capable of sleeping all night without nursing/formula between 13-18lbs. So, if your daughter is over 18lbs I'd say for sure she's capable of going all night without food. My daughter had been waking after 8 hours for months and finally a couple of weeks ago I stopped nursing her back to sleep at 3am. She's almost 18lbs and I was just tried of getting up at 3am and then waking up again at 6am for the day. So, I just let her settle herself a few nights (controlled crying) and in 3 days she stopped waking up at all and has been sleeping (12 hours) at night without food ever since.


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Tiffany - posted on 06/09/2010




my son just turned a year in may and he still wakes up twice during the night too. i have not broken him from the bottles yet so he wakes up and has two bottles. hes just doing the transition from formula to milk right now so i wanna stick with one change at a time. you can try the water thing if u want but personally i tired it and it doesnt work with my son. he will drink it for a few minutes and then start crying until i give him formula. i think every kid is different and when ur daughter (like my son) is ready they will sleep through the night. my soon is only 20lbs so if he wants to eat i will let him honbestly he must be hungry cuz he drinks the whole 5 ounce bottle that i give him twice a night and he goes right back to sleep. really im so used to him waking up that it doesnt faze me at all. as far as the whole waking up thing before ur alarm goes off....try putting her to bed maybe 30 minutes to an hr later than usual cuz then she might sleep a lil longer so therefore she might wake up a lil earlier during the night for a bottle. good luck and really if u dont think about the 30 minutes she deprives u of sleep as u not getting that sleep and think of it as an extra 30 minutes u get to spend with her before u gotta get ready for work or whatever u do...then u wont feel so tired. its all a mind thing.

Marcia - posted on 06/08/2010




My son just turned 1 on the 18th and he still wakes up twice a night and will drink a full 8 oz bottle each time. He has never slept through the night. The pediatrician said that it is normal for children to still have wake up times even if you feed them lots of solids during the day. Your child, like mine may just have a high metabolism. So there is not much you can do. Just wait it out, it is a phase and they are still young. Good luck!

Judi - posted on 06/08/2010




My daughter still does the exact same thing. She wakes up around 11:30 and again between 4-6. I asked her doctor about it he said "when she is 3 and wakes up wanting a grilled cheese sandwich what are you going to do?" I said I will tell her to go back to bed and we will eat in the morning. He said I should do the same now. With that said, when she wakes up the first time I choose to get up and give her water, she had milk when she went to bed. When she wakes up the second time I give her milk. She will grow out of this on her own. Sometimes she sleeps through the night. Sometimes she only wakes up once. This is my choosing to cater to her. The doctor said if it doesn't bother me then go for it. But if I want more sleep that I can just leave her to cry herself back to sleep or start by just going in and patting her or rocking her to sleep with no bottle or sippy cup. I have not tried this because I am going through the emotions of her growing up so fast and this is one of the things I treasure. I love this night time moment with her. I work full time and don't feel like I get enough baby time. I hope that you find something that works for you. Hang in there no matter what method you decide to try. It will work itself out. Good luck.

Lacey - posted on 06/06/2010




My daughter turned 1 on the 27th. She still wakes up 1-2 times also. Sometimes she puts herself back to sleep but at least once she will just scream and scream. I took her off formula when she turned 1. When she wakes up and wants a bottle I give her one but I give her regular milk but I warm it up. Were getting ready to move and after that I am going to try and let her cry it out and see if she can put herself back to sleep every time she wakes up. But right now we live with my parents and I don't want to keep them up by letting her cry. So once we move in a few days I will try it. Right now I'm not to worried she gets better with sleeping every few months. She used to wake up 3-5 times a night till a couple of months ago. I figure she will eventually work it all out.

Jamie - posted on 06/05/2010




My son will wake up and he just turned 1, sometimes he will go back if i wait and other times he wont stop crying. I was wondering the same thing about giving him milk? I'm trying to get him off formula and onto milk. Do i give him milk or formula if he wont go back to sleep?

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My daughter is 13 months and wakes up 1-2 times a night. She's slept through the night more recently so I think pretty soon she will be doing it consistently. I won't let her cry. I do wait a minute because sometimes she's not fully awake. If she wakes up I go to her and usually nurse her back down. Sometimes she will just rock back to sleep, it depends on her mood.

Sarah - posted on 06/05/2010




My baby will wake up occasionally as well, but if I just wait a few minutes, he'll go right back to sleep. I feed up pretty much right up until bedtime and feed him almost immediately after he wakes up. I think babies should be able to make it through the night without food at this point, but all babies are different. Maybe try to wait a few minutes before going to her and see if she falls back asleep?

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