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Tahirah - posted on 11/19/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




Is my 18 month old lactose intolerant if he has had the runs for 3 weeks. We have spoken to his pediatrician that suggested he had a stomach bug because his stool was like water. She placed him on a strict water/pedialyte, starch & chicken diet. We slowly have incorpoated veggies & fruits back into his system & he seems fine but we slipped him some watered down milk & his stool became liquidy again. Soy milk has replsced the cows milk & it seems to not bother him. So if he is does that mean cheese will give him the same reaction?


Melissa - posted on 11/22/2010




Not necessarily. I am lactose intolerant, but there are different levels of it. I can have dairy products like cheese, some ice cream, and yogurt, but have to purchase lactose-free milk. Another friend of mine cannot even eat a slice of pizza without getting sick, whereas I can. Then again, my friend was intolerant from birth and I developed it around 18 years old. Soy milk is good, but it can also cause lots of constipation. You may also want to see/compare which vitamins are in regular milk that aren't in soy. If need be, you could try purchasing lactose-free milk like I drink. Good luck.


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Jacqueline - posted on 12/03/2010




Just want to reiterate what a previous poster said and suggest that you get him tested for dairy allergy rather than immediately assuming lactose intolerance.

Brooke - posted on 12/01/2010




my son is lacotse intollerrent and we have kept him on regular homo milk and we add lactaid drops to them and it helps to break down the lacotse enzymes in the milk he was put on soy formula as an infant but cheeze and yogurt dont effect him.

Marsha - posted on 12/01/2010




It sounds like he is sensitive to lactose, but I see you have some helpful posts of people who are lactose intolerant - my family is not, altho we do not drink cows milk, only soy, rice or almond.
The only thing I can suggest, is that you should try to have the other types of milk, rice and almond. People can get allergies to soy if they get too much in their diet. We are vegetarian so we have A LOT of soy product in our diet for the protein. We are aware of this so usually have the rice or almond milk, cowsmilk cheese and yogurt, and then soy products like tofu, etc.
Just be aware of how much soy he is comsuming.
Good luck.

Vicky - posted on 12/01/2010




hi, my daughter is also 18m.o & since she was born she was always pooing, i thought it was normal but when other babies stopped pooing so much i looked a bit more into it, she was breastfed & when we stopped at 7months & thought to mention to a doctor he suggested lactose free formula (she was growing very well & otherwise healthy & happy so it was never a major health concern) so the lactose free formula was fabulous & since then with solids also we look at her food intake for the day at the start of the day & just cannot feed her anything like other toddlers may be doing. so we purchase lactose free milk which she can have as a drink or with cereals etc, we keep her yoghurt to a small amount (started with a tablespoon & tried to see where her limit was- as recommended by a peaditrician to see what is the upset) also fruits in conjunction with milk is not a great idea (try to think what yours & your husbands stomach is like in reaction to certain foods as myself & hubby are definately sensitive stomachs) & maybe try another pead with any recommendations from friends or a local doctor. we have a food diary (it helps to look at exactly what is going in -& coming out within certain time frame) you can start testing for intolerances as well so you know how to deal with the condition & also alert other people who are in care of your of luck

Janelle - posted on 11/30/2010




I am surprised that is the only option your paediatrician gave. I took my boy to the GP as he had the runs for a long time and the first thing he did was a stool sample which revealed a condition (I can't remember the name and can't find it on the internet but will post again if I find the name) that is basically an inbalance of bacteria in the digestive system and/or bowels. It is sometimes caused by something as simple as a course of antibiotics or a stomach bug, but it needs to be fixed by a specific course of medication that helps restore that balance. Left untreated, it could be chronic. Sure, lactose intolerance could be a factor, but that can also be caused by eliminating dairy from your child's diet for a certain period of time...I would suggest going to another doctor or seeing the paediatrition again and asking for a stool test.

I will post again if I do find the name of what my son had.

Kathryn - posted on 11/29/2010




As mentioned below there are varying degrees of lactose intolerance and the only way to really find out if cheese will bother him is to try him with a small piece.
My daughter is lactose intolerant and can't eat anything containing dairy without being ill. However we are currently trying her with a lactose free milk and there has been no problems so far.

Whytney - posted on 11/27/2010




That's exactly how my 18 month old daughter is but she has been like that since birth... She was vomiting and runny stools for 3 weeks... When I switched from breast feeding to formula the formula was milk based and I was so worried because she couldn't keep anything down. I rushed her to the er and they sent me home saying babys just spit up sometimes and I said I don't think so I know my child . We I drove directly to another er. They brought her in and did some test from her stool and allergy test and we discovered that she is deffinently allergic to dairy. From then on we have got her soy milk soy formula soy cheese soy yogurt and even soy ice-cream! There r so many options now a days I do most of my shopping at the health food stores. And I just watch wat I give her because things u would think has Milk does. It's been hard for me to adjust but she Is doing just fine! 

Pattie - posted on 11/26/2010




My daughter was diagnosed with Lactose Intolerance and she is also 18 months. It's also important to note that she's anemic as well. She was vomiting all the time so we kept going back the doctor. Finally she had us change her milk. We tried Soy but my daughter would gag on it so then we switched to a milk called Lacteeze. Basically it's our regular brand of milk with lacteeze added to neutralize the lactose. She's doing well on it. No bouts of vomiting since. She still eats cheese and yogurt too. I have friends who are lactose intolerant. Some can eat other dairy products and some can't. I think it just depends on the person. There is a blood test your doctor can do to see if your child has the enzyme to process lactose. Earlier I said that my daughter is anemic and the reason why I tell you that is because my doctor had her tested for that when we were exploring the possibility of L. I. As it turns out, it's not uncommon for toddlers who are lactose intolerant to also be anemic (which is very serious in toddlers as it permanently affects their brain development). You should talk to your doctor about running this simple blood test if you are really concerned that your child might be lactose intolerant. Good Luck!

Belinda - posted on 11/25/2010




My son has cystic fibrosis, which included gastrointestinal problems. When it came time to wean him off formula to milk, it made him bloated, gassy and horrible nappies. For a while we thought it was to do with the CF.

I tried every milk under the sun, full-cream, reduced fat, goat milk, he couldnt even tolerate lactose free milk (which suggests it wasnt lactose intolerance), eventually we got him settled on soy milk.

Not long after, we found he couldnt tolerate dairy yoghurt anymore, so we switched to soy, then he couldnt tolerate cheese, so we are now trying to find soy alternatives to that.

Its now been assessed that he is allergic to dairy (or cow's milk protein, goat/sheep milk has very similar levels of protein to cows it could suggest that too)

You can only try a bit of cheese in your son's meals. If it makes him bloated, gassy, uncomfortable and loose....then you will need to find alternatives.

I had heard that soy milk shouldnt be given to boys (which is why I was hesitant putting my son on it) and about the cancer thing...but was told by our CF specialist dietician that there isnt enough investigative evidence to back that up at the moment.

Good luck

Kandice - posted on 11/23/2010




My older daughter (now 5) an not have milk either. She can do small amounts of cheese or products that contain milk. However, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and other products that are primarily milk cause a bad stomach reaction. Unfortunately, its trial and error.

She eats soy yogurt & drinks lactose-free milk (Lactaid or store brand). *Just a note, if there is a history of breast cancer in your family, Soy products should be limited.

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