My baby is gagging on baby food that has chunks in it!

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My baby is 9.5 months old and when I try to feed him baby food that has tiny pieces of carrot, potato, peas etc. he gags when the tiny piece gets to the back of his throat. I really want to start him on eating our foods (mushed up) but I'm afraid to because he gags on anything that isn't totally purreed and if he feels any kind of lump in his mouth. What can I do!?


Dijana - posted on 03/24/2010




R u giving him stage 3 food or are you giving him whar u are cooking,,, my d hates stage 3 food and gags too but when it comes to reg. food she eats it fine. i mashed it with hand blender for couple of weeks and gradually introduced bigger chunks...


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I started a few weeks ago. Yes, it's the Stage 3 food. The chunks in it are hard and I am thinking if I mash our food it will be easier for him. I think I will try doing that and hopefully he will eat it!

Kari - posted on 03/24/2010




How long have you been feeding him the chunkier food? I know my son didn't really like it at first either, but now he's ok. Have you tried giving him just finger foods, like cheerios, small chunks of fruit and veggies...maybe it's just the texture he needs to get used to. Sorry I can't be of more help...good luck!

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