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My baby stopped eating any kind of baby food since December

Oluseun - posted on 03/19/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi all,
my baby girl is 9+ and she doesnt take milk or any kind of cereal whatsoever.

she eats plainly adult food and snacks. should I just go on giving her what she likes or should i force her to take cereals?


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my daughter is 10 1/2months and since starting her on solid food she will not touch baby food she spits it out then wipes it allover her face she will also not let anyone feed her she has been feeding herself with either her fingers or a spoon she will still drink 2 bottles of formula a day but im transitioning her to 2 % milk. have u tried giving ur daughter 2% milk but in a cup rather than a bottle? she may be interested if its something new.

Krystal - posted on 03/19/2010




hi do you mean all milk or just breast or formula. if shes refusing breast or formula i would at least try to give her some whole milk as they still need the neutriance and fat from the milk if she wont take any milk give her lots of things that have the milk and calcium in them, like cheese and yoghurt. its perfectly fine if shes eating adult food and snacks as long as she doesnt choke or gag from them and is able to chew them with her gums/teeth. its actually better to go staight to finger foods because that way they learn to chew and do hand co-ordination (put food in their mouth or spoon/folk in their mouth) easyer and quicker. if you want more accurate and safer information and advice i would go see your doctor at least then you will know what to do and wat not to do. hope this helps in some way. best wishes :)

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