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I’m due May 20th. We just found out last week that it’s a girl! We have a 2 ½ year old son who I know will grow to be the best big brother. But I don’t know how well he’s going to take to sharing our attention (ok… I know he’s going to hate that). Any advice on making the transition easier for him? What are other moms doing to prepare their older child? Thanks!


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Amy - posted on 01/14/2009




My son is 2 1/2 and we are expecting our 2nd son May 22nd. We have told him about the pregnancy from the day we found out. He has been to a couple of drs appointments with us and has heard the heart beat. He also went to the sonogram with us. We try and involove him as much as possible. He sits on my lap and rubs my tummy even! The day we had our sonogram we took him shopping to pick out a blanky for the baby as he thought he would need one since he is very attatched to his. I have taken out some of his baby clothes and looked throught them with him and he agreed on passing them onto the baby. We also had him in the crib still converted into a toddler bed but just switched him to a twin size bed. He was very excited to get a bigger bed and to give the baby the crib! He is however not too happy about moving the glider chair into the baby's room. I'm sure he will have some adjusting to do once the little brother gets here but I hopw we have prepared him good! And I think alone time without baby will be good once that time comes.

Emily - posted on 01/06/2009




My kids are a little older, 4 yrs between each, but I do daycare in my home so I've been prepping the 1 yr olds as well. We talk about the baby alot, I call it our baby so my son feels it's his responsibility too. It's our whole family's baby, not just mom and dad's. Also, I put the baby stuff out so the little kids can get used to seeing it and not want to play with it all the time when baby comes. My boys are taking a sibling class at the hospital (just 2 hours on a saturday) where they get to take a doll so they can learn how to hold, feed, change the baby. They also get a tour of the hospital to see where mommy will be and get to see the babies in the nursery. Also, for my littlest ones, starting in April I'm going to use a doll as if it were the baby - carry it around, swing it in the swing, rock it - just so they get used to seeing it.  I think the kids will do fine - I'm more worried about my dog!

Alison - posted on 12/31/2008




Sorry, I'm in the same boat and needing advice as well, but I wanted to share with you that I'm due with a girl on the 20th as well! My son is 3 1/2 so will understand a little more, which could be bad or good. I guess I'll find out. I took him to the ultrasound with us and he started crying the tech said it was a girl. He said he wanted a boy. Each day is different. Some days he says he doesn't want a baby while other days, he calls it "his baby". Last week, he said, "Mommy, is my world going to change with the baby comes?". I was giggling inside, but careful to answer that "yes, our world would be a little different, but for the better. We will have to make some changes to how we do some things but many things will remain the same." I went on to name the things that would not change, such as Mommy and Daddy's love and his room. I also named the things that he could do to be a big brother to help Mommy and Daddy and it seemed to get him excited. Good Luck!

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Thanks for this question-as the big day nears I get more and more nervous about this, too! My son will be 21 months when baby#2 arrives. I appreciate the tip about a gift from the baby, that's a cute idea!

Mandi - posted on 12/29/2008




hi,im due on 22nd may with baby number 3,i had my second child when my little boy was 2 and half,i brought him a little present from th baby and he really loved the attention from his baby sister.i let him hold the baby and help feed and change her to make him feel all grown up and apart of the babies life,he took really well to the change.the main thing is to try and do the same with ur older child as u always did like cuddles,story time playtime without the baby,it may seem like a juggling act but once u have a routine it will be so much little girl will soon be 3,my son is little girl is very much a mummys girl and gets jelous of her big brother having a cuddle,so in a way im a bit nervouse of when the baby arrives but i know if i let her feed the baby and help mummy as much as she can she should be ok,she loves her dollys so hopefully she will love a real baby,lol.hope everything goes ok 4 u,x

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