rolling over, weight and other concerns

Trisha - posted on 11/10/2009 ( 15 moms have responded )




Son was born May 24th. Has your baby been rolling over all of the time? Mine can just roll from back to belly. Is he delayed? What about sitting? Mine is sitting with assistance and can balance there for a few seconds alone. Is that on target? He weighs about 16 pounds. Is that average? My DD was ahead on everything so now I don't know what average is for my son. How about sleeping? Mine does NOT sleep at night! Wakes around 4-5 times a night. I don't nurse him at night, I just pat him back asleep. I have a nigh time routine, music, he is in his crib, etc.... I am going crazy. HELP

Any comments would be appreciated ----as long as you don't bash me! LOL And BTW, I am NOT comparing my children, I just don't know what average is since she was ahead. I don't want to miss anything if there IS something wrong.


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Kylie - posted on 11/13/2009




my little boy started rolling at 4 months and has now started comando crawling and can sit unassisted for about a minute. he now weights 23pounds!! he is a very big baby but is on track with everything except vocalisation. my health nurse said that they only work on one to two things at a time and they practice them at night so that maybe a reason he is waking up?

Misty - posted on 11/13/2009




All babies will start doing things at their own pace. My son Grant was born on May 21st and started rolling from his back to belly at age 3 months. Very rarely will he roll back over on his back....which was the opposite of what my first child did. As far as sitting Grant can sit by himself with some support. He will start to fall over after about 30 seconds. He also wakes about 4-5 times per night and I too have a night time routine. He weighs about 20 lbs now and is in the 95th percentile. Not to worry....your child sounds perfectly normal. You can talk to your pedi about it too. :)

Alvic - posted on 11/13/2009




our baby boy was born on the 13th..he is 6 months old now...but he started rolling at his 4th month...he always lift his legs up after a nap...he now seem to crawl..he rolls completely...I think the progress of every child can be different depending on their nutritional status... I have a friend whose child is 2 months older than mine but his progress is very slow..and he is often sickly...I have checked the difference between the ingredients of the formula milk she is using...and it has less nutrients...aside from that she did not breast fed...I believe proper nutrition is very important to your child's proper development

Monica - posted on 11/12/2009




My lil man was born on the 24th of may too and he only rolled for the first time on the 14th of oct. and he hasnt really been doing it much since. he has been sitting up on his own for about 2wks but not able to all the time. Im not how much he weighs in pounds but he is 8.58kg at 5mths weigh in. and he sleeps from 6pm to 6am but will normaly wake at 4am and i just pop the dummy in and he goes back to sleep. he doesnt normaly have a feed during the night unless its growth spurt time

Have you tried bath, feed then bed?? we do that every night and it works really well. I also gently rock his cot sometimes if he isnt to keen to go to sleep.

all babies develope diferently so dont be too concerned if he hasnt done everything his siblings have you never know he might just do it all at once :)

All the best


Michelle - posted on 11/12/2009




My son was born May 11th. I have only seen him rollover once from his belly to his back! He can't completely roll over from his back to his belly yet, he tries! Today he sat for a few seconds on his own but besides that he tips over to the side so he still needs assistance. My son wieghed 16 lbs for his 5 month doctor visit, im sure he has gained a pound or two since. He sleeps well at night he does try and wake up about 4 times but i will pat him back to sleep because im trying to get him not used to the bottle everytime he wakes up, thats why he wakes up wiuet alot. Before i would give him a bottle and he would be able to sleep for another 3 hours or so straight. But now with no bottle he wakes up quiet more often but the doctor said he will eventually get used to it and sleep through the whole night.

Line - posted on 11/12/2009




My daughter was born on may 15th. She weighs around 18 lbs by now. She rolls from back to belly but not the other way around. You can tell it wont be long before she does. She sits unassisted verry well and for long periods of time. I still put pillow and soft blankets so if she falls she doesn't hurt herself. She sleeps from 7pm to 6 or 7 am (i'm definatly blessed for that).

Jennifer - posted on 11/12/2009




i have to agree with the other moms in the fact that ALL children are different. my son is really small. he is only in the 10th percentile and weighs 13lbs. he was born on may 25th. he can also roll from stomach to back but not the other way and he sits supported. he does great in the highchair that reclines. he still wakes up twice a night to eat but goes right back to sleep. i sometimes feel like he isnt up to par so to say because he goes to daycare and all the other babies are a lot bigger than him and do so much more. was your son born early? my sons doc said since he was born 3 weeks early that he would develop a little slower than normal. hope that helps a little. i think he will be fine. just work with him on sitting up and play a lot on the floor. swings and chairs are nice but they make children develop slower. not saying you put your son in a chair all the time...just suggesting to do a lot of tummy time and let him roll on the floor.

Yajaira - posted on 11/12/2009




Max was born May 21st...and he hates hates belly time...he will just puch his face up with elbows straight but he does not roll over--- i think he may be a little slow- he sleeps all night but wakes twice to nurse... but he is a big baby his 4 month appt. he weighed 20lbs (born at 7lbs.5oz) -- he's a big baby lol....he rarely sleeps in the day but he's a good baby....uhmmm he can sit unassisted for a few mins...woobly...and he loves jumping in his jumper and he will walk backwards in his baby walker lol

Kristina - posted on 11/11/2009




My daughter was born on may 28th. She rolls over both ways but mostly from back to belly. She has alot of sleeping issues too. Both of my daughters were not very good sleepers. But my 3 year old is a great sleeper now about 10 hours a night so im hoping my youngest grows out of it to. She weights 14 pounds. She sleeps 6 to 7 hours at night then gets feed then sleeps another hour then hardly sleeps at all during the day. Which makes a very cranky baby.

Diane - posted on 11/11/2009




My son Liam was born May 6th... He rolls from front to back and can only go from back to front if hes seriously pissed off enough to pull his arm out from under him... he goes about 3/4 of the way then gets stuck... thats pretty normal. going from back to front is harder due to the arms getting in the way. sitting should come about 8-9 months... "practice" by sitting him up with assistance and propping pillows around him will help strengthen his back muscles. Liam still bobbs around quite a bit and tends to throw his weight around. so we havent even "practiced" much as we have hard floors and he tends to hurt himself. 16 lbs is about what Liam weighs.. s little big for his age but not worrisome! and as for the sleeping... watch what you are feeding him... try to cut out fruits and fruit juices before bed as they have natural sugars in them... if you are still nursing watch what you eat.. limit sugars and caffeine. if he does both formula and breast, try giving him formula at night, its thicker and will hold him better, or try cereal before bed.. again its thicker and will hold him.... and watch how you respond to him at night... ar you getting up just because he is fussing... try giving him a few minutes ti settle himself back down. Liam sleeps on his tummy now... maybe your son is uncomfortable in the position he is in.... I hope this helps... I have 3 children... Liam is my youngest and my oldest is developmentally delayed. from what you post, the only think i would be worried about is the not sleeping..

Trisha - posted on 11/10/2009




Thanks guys! He IS laid back and easy going---and would be a perfect child if he'd just sleep! LOL Thanks for all the "pats on the back."

Rebekah - posted on 11/10/2009




Not sure what "average" is, but... My daughter was born May 30th. She weighed 13lbs 4oz at 4 months (born 8lbs 11oz). Only rolls from tummy to back. She hates tummy time and will immediately roll herself over or scream if she's on her tummy. But, she can sit unassisted for a pretty long time (15-30 mins) until she gets bored, too excited, or her big brother pushes her over. And she wakes twice in the night to nurse.

Karen - posted on 11/10/2009




I agree with Mandi, my friend has 3 boys and she is always surprised when she sees my girl doing something because her boys were so much later with everything. Try not to worry too much about targets and averages, every child is different. Besides if there was something wrong you'd know about it by now.

I always remember one of my collegues telling me how her child said 'mama' at 2 1/2 months!... I just smiled and nodded.... but since then I don't worry so much when someone says 'my child is doing this'

Mandi - posted on 11/10/2009




ur son is not delayed,my lil man was born 31st may and still is not rolling at all,he can sit unsupported 4 a few least ur little man rolls 1 way, little man weighs 20lb6 but he was 10lb 8 son does sleep threw though,been lucky with all mine with that though,i always give my son a rusk and his milk b4 bed which helps him last,i also put him to bed awake so he can learn to fall to sleep by himself...
it is said that boys are lazy and i completly agree i have 2 sons and 1 daughter and my little girl was 4ward 4 her age still is,shes older son is 6 and he managed to roll and that early but think it was bcos i had alot of 1-1 time with him bein the only 1.
i doubt very much something is wrong,is he babbling and laughing??? just enjoy him as a baby and let him learn in his own time,he sounds very laid back like my son,he would rather watch is brother and sister play than move around himself,lol.its a boy thing so dont worry.good luck xx

Colleen - posted on 11/10/2009




My son was born May 31. He's been rolling belly to back since he was 3 months old. He can't roll the other way yet but I can tell he wants to. He can sit unsupported for like a minute before he either topples over or flings himself backwards. I'm not entirely sure how much my son weighs because there's a discrepency between the scale at my doctor's office and the scale at another doctor's office. I'd say he weighs about 18lbs now, but he's always been a big boy. My son's been sleeping through the night since he was 6 weeks old, 12 hours a night since he was 8 weeks. He takes two naps during the day.

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