what foods to feed a one year old with only 2 teeth?

Sara - posted on 05/15/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son will be one on the 16th and only has two teeth and I don't know what all I can give him to eat. My daughter is 15 months older and had six teeth so she was eating everything by 12 months. I'm just afraid to give him anything that doesn't melt in his mouth.... Help... what can I give him?


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My son is turning 1 this week and still only has 2 teeth and he eats everything. We do only give him soft foods like shredded cheese, bread, ground beef, soft veggies,soft fruits, pasta, waffles, etc.

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My daughter only has one tooth at a year. lol. She eats avocado, toast, steamed veggies and fruits (I just make sure they're really mushy and small), pasta, small pieces of tender meats...She can eat pretty much anything as long as it's cooked well and cut small.

Carolyn - posted on 05/15/2010




My son is almost one and still no teeth. He eats everything we eat, just cut up really tiny. He feeds himself almost everything and has for a few months. He refuses to be spoon fed except for cereal and fruit. I make sure everthing is a size he can see and manage and with meat I cube it and then rub it in between my fingers to sort of mash it up a bit. Ethan's fav's are steamed sweet potatoe cubes, squash cubes, peas(if they are big I sort of squash them) broccoli and meat. Cheese is another popular item. The front teeth don't really aid in the chewing or breaking down of the food. Their gums sort of rub together to break up their food and some is just swallowed (as diaper evidence shows). Ethan had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for lunch cut up tiny and loved every bite. I hope this helps.

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My daughter only has 2 teeth and she eats a lot of things that I puree. I do give her bits of bread, soft cheeses and egg. I have made turkey burgers and pureed them. A cool website is wholesomebabyfood.com. Has a lot of good stuff! Good luck!

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my girl is going to be a year on the 28th and has 2 teeth. she eats just about anything. especially chinese food! lol! just make sure it's cut up small enough he won't choke on it!

and happy birthday to your son!


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Melissa - posted on 05/17/2010




I took a 'Finger Foods/Toddler Nutrition" class that was required as part of the WIC program. They informed that my son is able to eat just about everything that I can mash/smush between my fingers. At that time he was 9 months and barely cut his two front bottom teeth. I cube cut slices of bread, grated cheese, made scrambled eggs, and even gave him macaroni and cheese! There's special noodle too that are half the length of regular macaroni ones.. Or you could just cut them yourself. My son used to suck on things and wouldn't chew, but then I gave him these Baby Mum Mum crackers, and he started chewing.. Good luck to you.

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