WOW hard to believe how fast the time has gone....

Emerald - posted on 06/25/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Wow i was just reading someones post about there 13 month old daughter and im thinking in my head why are they posting stuff in the may 2009 group than i realized my daughters 13 months to.... Time has just gone by way to fast it seems.... Our babies well most of them are running around doing there own thing playing with other kids ... talking a bit well saying "WORDS" just amazes me everyday when i just sit n watch my Lily bum do her own thing :D warms my heart.... anyone else wonder where the time went??!?!?!


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Lacye - posted on 06/25/2010




the time went out the door flying! i can remember my daughter (who is also Lily) learning to roll over and eating solid food for the first time, and pulling up. and now i look at her and it's like omg! my tiny 5 pound 8 oz baby has gotten so big! and she will be 13 months on the 28th! it's insane!

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yes!! i just heard that it has been a year since michael jackson died, which was also my daughters first month 'birthday' lol. now she 13 months! i remember hearing it on the radio while i was giving my baby cuddles because she had a cold and remember it like it was yesterday. the baby stage goes soooo fast i look back on photos and it just blows me away how much she has grown and developed into this beautiful child. i could go on forever haha i think about this everyday!

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