Acid Reflux.

Christina - posted on 08/31/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son will be 4 Months on The 1st Of September.
But ever since i brought him home, i've been fighting with a problem of Acid Reflux.
I had an upper Gi Done, and it came back with a severe case of Acid Relux,
And the doctor's have tried two different types of meds' (previcid && Bethancol) And
Neither have worked. They've Changed His Formula From Similac Advanced, to Similac Sensitive, and Enfamil For Spit up.

Is there any mom's out there that know watt to do?


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My son is breastfed but has awful reflux. We put him on Zantac. He takes it 3 times a day and it's been a lifesaver. It's kind of minty so some babies don't like it but Squirt doesn't seem to mind. I give him his dose in small bits so it doesn't roll out his mouth, and I try to give it to him while he's playing or something and not right before or after he eats so it's less likely he'll spit it back up. I also try to keep him upright for a while after I feed him and burp him more often. I'm not convinced that last part helps, but I do it anyway because I figure it can't hurt.

Jennifer - posted on 09/01/2010




My son was put on Zantac for his reflux. He is also on Good Start Soy. He projectile vomited with enfamil, nutramegin (sp), similac and good start protect plus. We also put one tsp of rice cereal in his bottle to make it a bit thicker.

Lisa - posted on 09/01/2010




My son has the same problem maybe not as bad as your son but what i do is burp him a couple of times and keep him in a upright position after feedings so it settles and my DR also said to put him at an angle at night and it seems to work for us but i put him on his side so if he spits up he doesnt choke

Nicole - posted on 09/01/2010




after he eats, make him sit up for a half hour before he lays down.. and i been told by my doctor to put a pillow under his sheets so he sleeps at a angle.. i honestly dont do that, because it doesnt sound safe.

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