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At what age did you start feeding you child jars of food like Gerber??...or cereal??...


Tiffanie - posted on 10/11/2010




My son was born on May 4th. At about 3.5 months we had to start putting cereal in his bottle because he was spitting up a ton and had reflux issues. I think he was about 4 months when we started giving him the cereal on the spoon but not daily, just on occasion for practice. At 4.5 months we started giving him 2tbs. cereal with his last bottle before bed. On his 5 month birthday we started with veggies with his bottle prior to the cereal one (about 2-3pm). He usually has the whole bottle and most, if not all, of a jar of veggies. I was surprised how much he ate especially since he made the yucky face at the green beans and the peas....but he still eats it and opens his mouth like he wants more so go figure :)

I would like to point out also that my Dr. recommended us start the cereal on the spoon at 5 months and the veggies and 5.5 months....we decided to start a little earlier because he keeps trying to reach for out grown up food/drinks and gets mad when he can't have any so we thought he was ready.


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April - posted on 10/26/2010




My son was born on May 22 a little before he was 4 months we started spoon feeding him rice cereal. We stopped shortly after for our pedi does not recommend any food before 6 months of age. But i have read that once baby starts regularly watching you eat he is probably ready. Also around 6 months the tongue thrust goes away which makes it much easier for them to eat baby food. And I would always start with veggies first an then after a while introduce fruits

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I would recommend doing some research online or ordering a book about feeding your baby. It's important to know what their little bodies can handle at what ages (citrus fruits, dairy, meats, ect)..
My girl was born on May 9th. We started her on rice cereal (by spoon) on her 4month birthday, then we tried bananas but they made her consipated. She didn't like avocados, but she really likes sweet potatos!

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my daughter was born may 13th... i started giving her cereal and food at 3 months.... only spoon fed tho

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My daughter was born on May 18th and she is 5 months today and has been on bananas for about a week. I don't use the jarred food, I just take half a banana and tiny bit of water to make it more of a puree consistancy! I haven't tried her on cereal.

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My little guy was born on May 24th. I have been trying to give him cereal since he was about 3 months. He wants nothing to do with it. I have tried spoon feeding it to him as well as bottle feeding it. The last two times I have tried he literally throws up about an hour afterward. It's almost like he can't stand the texture. With my first son, we had him on cereal from 6 weeks on so I'm surprised with the trouble we're having with this one. Any suggestions???

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I tried the baby food in the jar a week ago and my son was not ready at all. he will be 5 months old tomorrow. He got a really bad tummy ace and didnt sleep at all for 2 days. We do give him rice cereal in his bottle every night since we was 3 months old and does fine with that. It just depends on the baby, my daughter at this age was eating solids with no problems at all.

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My son is just over 4months, he's eating baby food, the stage 1 foods(or beginners) he also has his rice cereal. It just depeneds on your baby, i talked tomy doctor before i started him.

Jenna - posted on 10/13/2010




Wow my daughter was born on may 27th too!!!...i think i'm gonna try her on some this weekend!!

Heather - posted on 10/13/2010




I started my son born May 27 on rice cereal from a spoon at around 3.5 months, At four months I introduced oatmeal cereal. Gave that to him for four days then I introduced stage 1 baby food sweet potatoes. Did that for 3 days then did squash. he will be trying carrots today. My pedi. said to try each food for a few days befor introducing a new one to make sure there is no reaction. My son loves the baby food.

Jennifer - posted on 10/11/2010




My son got cereal in his bottle at 1 month. And baby food and cereal from a bowl at 2.5 months.

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