bedtime-nap time pointers?//cereal?

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hey ladies,
Kiyla is 3 1/2 months (born 5/7) and she sleeps great, anywhere between 9-12 hrs straight a night, but I'm worried that I'm starting to spoil her when it comes to bedtime and nap time. I'm sure we can all agree that the sound of our child crying and upset is the most horrific sound in the world and our mommy instincts kick in instantly but I'm now trying to fight the urge to go into her room and put her nuk in her mouth or soothe her every time she cries. How are your May babies doing in this category? As far as nap time, Kiyla takes around 3-4 naps a day but she's not on a set nap time schedule.. i just go with the flow. Are your babies on a set routine at this age?
I was also curious if anyone is starting their babies on cereal or solid food yet? I haven't tried but everything is going into my baby's mouth and I know its just a matter of time!!


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Loni said it all. My youngest is 4 months on the 12th and he has been on cereal for about 3 weeks. I started with a small amount in his bedtime bottle only for the first week. He started with a spoon 2 week ago and it no longer goes in his bottle. In another week I will feed him cereal twice a day.

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Your baby won't be on a schedule for another couple of months. Right now it's just whatever they feel like doing until they learn otherwise. You aren't coddling your child for sticking her soother in when she cries or holding her for an hour, they don't know at this age that crying makes mommy hold them, they are too busy figuring out why they are crying, how to feel hungry, etc. by 6 months they should be able to self soothe meaning you don't need to rush to them whenever they cry. Their eyesight is developed enough that they know that you don't disappear altogether when you are in another room or behind them. Right now if you move 10 feet away and are to one side of her being quiet, she won't know you are there, her periphial vision isn't there yet. Don't worry, you are doing fine.

Solid foods are a definite no no until 5-6 months for sure, as much as people force it on their children or say their kid wants it. A) The child has no idea what solid food is until YOU introduce it and B) no matter how advanced you girl may seem, her organs develop at the same speed as any other, her stomach is not ready to digest food yet. Wait until you are doing 8oz at least 4-5 times a day and when she is crying for more after each feed, then if she can hold herself up and swallow without much drooling, start some runny pablum/cereal.

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