getting your baby to sleep through the night without crying it out

Sarah - posted on 08/02/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am only speaking from my experience and what has worked really well for me. Hopefully it can help other moms out there who are sleep deprived as I was early on after my sons birth. The first 3 months was hard, exclusively breastfeeding, every 2-3 hours. I introduced formula at 4 months and my son would still only sleep 4 hours at night, wake and maybe another 2. I learned early how important it was to try and put him down in his crib for naps instead of bouncer or swing. It got him used to his crib and developed a familiar sleep space. I rocked him, sang to him, swayed him and he would fall asleep in my arms and putting him down got easier. Then I would let the rocking and singing be less and when he was almost sleeping, drowsy I started putting him down. My "secret" is a stuffed animal. Dinosaur to be exact. I started putting it next to him and he would squeeze it and cuddle it, I started to see it was his way of soothing himself to sleep. I guess a blankey would work too. At 5 months, he weighs 18 lbs. started on oatmeal cereal and a 6oz bottle before bedtime. After the bottle he gets really sleepy. I turn on the mobile, put him in his crib awake and place the dinosaur in his arms. He cuddles and cuddles until he falls asleep on his own. Sometimes I will rub his forehead lightly and that helps relax him. I don't now how this has happened, maybe I'm lucky. He never had cry it out.. Yet. I'm sure that could change. If I can give any advice it would be try not to let them sleep on you all the time. Even though it's hard because they are so cuddly and love bugs. I still snuggle with my son sometimes too. But I realize how important it is for him to develop good sleep habits. For himself and for me as well. My son goes down at 8pm and wakes up at 6am. Finally at 5 months I had more than a four hour stretch of sleep. Best of luck to all Moms. All babies are different. Hope this helps some of you. Give them a cuddle buddy:)

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