Just started BITING...need advice!!

Candi - posted on 08/25/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 15 month old daughter recently started biting...and needless to say I HATE IT!! We are a rather strict family and dont allow acting out little lone biting. I am terrified I will get a report from her daycare that she has hurt another child..I would feel horrible :(!! We do not discipline with violence of any such so those moms out there that are going to suggest I bite her back/tap her mouth/grab her cheeks...please dont even bother :). So far we have tried several approaches of which dont seem to be getting us far( maybe I am not giving it enough time, since I am worried). We have tried "fake crying" after she bites hoping she will feel bad and not want to hurt others, as well as tell her no it is not appropraiate to bite...she simply laughs when we start crying. We have tried time outs for 1 min, but she could really care less. she will just sit there chatting it up with herself, playing with the buttons on her shirt LOL...its hard not to laugh but obviously TO's are not affective :). We will usually put her down, tell her no biting and ignore her after she has bitten so she understands its bad, but at the same time we are not giving her attention for her negative behavior....I am a first time mom and she has been a super simple child so far, making this issue rather frusterating for me since she continues to bite!! thanks for any advice :)


Robyn - posted on 08/29/2011




I would simply say no sternly and unfortunately let it go. She is too young to really understand discipline or time outs for that matter. My son is 15 mos and has been biting for the past couple of weeks and he has been getting better, althoug the biting can hurt and is irritating to myself and his 3 yr old sister I do beleive it is just a phase. Easy never last long I hate to say it, as they get older they get more complicated! The more attention you give for it the longer it may last especially if she thinks it's turning into a game. Good luck and I hope it ends soon for you.

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