GUT INSTINCTS....boy...girl...twins....(am i crazy??)

Martha - posted on 10/04/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




So I wrote in my preg. journal with my first baby and I reread some of what I wrote...I thought he was a twin..but I think its because I wanted twins..and they run in my moms side of the family....

soooo this time I got pregnant..I found out at 3 wks 4 days...WOW I ddnt even know you could find out that early ..and it was the middle of the day pee....anyways...even before I tested I "knew" I was preg. I was exhausted when I told a couple of my friends how early and how dark the preg. test lines were and how I already felt preg. someone joked it was also knew we got pregnant right after we got off the nuva you can technically drop the eggs you werent dropping when you were on bc that first month you get off it..increasing your chances of twins...they say tall/broad women can get twins...ok im 5'10"...and strongly built...pretty muscular...and someone said something about getting preg. while all of this to say....I keep saying/thinking that its twins...and Im pulling symptoms that are not like my 1st Im thinking at least a girl...or a girl boy 1st ultrasound is not for a few more weeks and the suspense is killing me...

BUTTTTTT ....i just am wondering how much mothers intuition and gut instinct versus wants...or hopes???? what do you guys think!?


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Martha - posted on 10/23/2010




nooo my 1st ultrasound isnt for gender/anatomy its just the first one our docs do here on usmc bases...ive heard thats relatively standard...but my gender one will be 18-22 wks...ive heard you can tell the gender as early as 16?? 15?? but im just going to wait..we can pay and go out in town to the japanese 3d ultrasounds...but im not sure....if its twins maybe just so i can start stocking up on stuff..hahah

Merry - posted on 10/11/2010




Mine will be at 20 weeks, I thought that was standard but I'm seeing it's not, I read that you can't tell the sex until 20 weeks via ultrasound.....

Martha - posted on 10/11/2010




yea my first ultrasound is Nov we might be able to see then..Id luv a little girl but a little boy would thrill me ....NO PUKING YET...which makes me think at least girl..some of the same cravings which makes me think boy..hahah who knows..and yes I agree....with the thought of like ooo i want a boy..then you get girl and are like awe...but I reallllly think Id be thrilled with both...and well if its a boy I dont need ANYTHING since my boy is 14 mo old..almost and I kept almost all his stuff! My ultrasound is 10-12 my first one..but thats military...when are your guys' first ultrasounds..???

Brittany - posted on 10/08/2010




I am the same way(although twins dont run in my family or my fiance's) i got preggers right after i stoped my BC(pill) but i knew within the first few weeks that i was prego.(note: i have an almost 9mth old)...the sickness is crazy, im soo tired and im huge! i look like im about 15+ weeks Clear baby belly! Everyone keeps asking if twins run in the families and i say no and that look at me like im crazy and tell my im having twins cuz im already so big and with how sick i am! I wouldnt mind it either( I go for an ultra-sound on the 20th and i CANT WAIT) lol

Michelle - posted on 10/05/2010




I myself think I am having a girl cause how sick I am this time around. And I am really wanting a girl for my daughter so she can have a sister since she has 4 brothers. It reminds me when I was preggo with my oldest, who is a girl, but the diff is I was already getting sick at 3wks & 4 days a few days before I found out I was preggo. So with that said I am a little concerned that I could be having twins cause twins run on my grandfather's side of the family he has a set of faternal twin siblings and my one sis had a set of faternal twins about 2 yrs ago. Also I am 34yrs old and already have 5 kids. All of these factors increases my chances of having twins. Oh, my grandmother is a twin but she and her sister are identical twins and I know that just happens once in a while.
My sister said I can't really go by how sick I am feeling cause I was feeling that way with a couple of my boys. Darn!! : ) I guess I won't really know until the ultrasound at 20wks or even then not until the baby is born cause sometimes they can get the sex of the baby wrong.

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