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Ok so there's alot of links up there, for USA, Canada, Britain... And the common conclusion is rear facing is THE safest way to ride in the car!

Picture an adult with whiplash, a child in the car with them could have internal decapitation.
A child's head is much bigger in proportion to their neck then it is at adulthood.
When adults get whiplash, the same crash could kill a toddler who is front facing.

The minimum age a child should be front facing appears to be age 2, according to all the latest research.

When your baby grows out of the infant car seat look at the convertible seats, some are as cheap as $40 on sale and some go up to $240!
The more you pay the longer your kid will be able to use it. Like the $240 one is good up until 8 years old! 80lbs and 49 inches.
The cheaper seats don't mean they're less safe, they just have less cool gadgets and won't last as long.

Many people worry about toddlers legs touching the seat.
This is NOT a problem! When you get into a crash the legs fly towards the child's chest and the knees naturally bend up to the chest. No injury has ever been reported to legs of a toddler rear facing.

Many people think their kids are bored rear facing, but in convertible seats they have the same amount of window to look out of, just the back half instead of the front half. Besides, what they have never known won't affect them right!

Some people have concerns that their kid gets motion sickness, there's accounts of kids both
Front and rear facing having motion sickness so turning the seat around for this reason may not even help and it does risk their neck.

Some people say that their kid is strong enough or coordinated enough so their neck can handle being front facing. But the amount of muscles doesn't really matter at all, the fact is the spinal cord can only stretch so far and if it's stretched further it will snap. No amount of muscles will strengthen the spinal cord! Every baby has the same strength of spine and the fact shows that younger babies belong rear facing.

Even tall kids can rear face! There's car seats available with rearfacing height limits up to 49inches so even tsll kids can be safe!
Same for heavy kids, average convertible seat goes to 35lbs, but some go to 40 or 45lbs! And your average kid isn't 45lbs til 5 years or more.

So please, look into car seat safety, don't go with the bare minimum laws. Rear face as long as you possibly can and keep your children's spines safe!


Merry - posted on 11/01/2011




Where do you live Monnie? I know australian seats only go to about a year but USA Canada, England, etc most places you can find ones that safely go 2+ years.


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Kelly - posted on 05/02/2012




Nice to read info bout the myths of rear-facing tall children. now I want to look up Aussie carseat height restrictions, and flip my bub back, lol

Monnie - posted on 11/01/2011




I totally agree with you! my seat only allows them to be rear facing until 12 months old, I intend on my daughter being rear facing for as long as possible! we spend all this money on the "best" toys and clothes and stuff thos doesnt matter, why dont people invest some money and time into the things that do like safety and educating themselves on what is actually best in stead of what mum or the neighbour says is best.

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as for the board part Kaelyn forward faced from 18-2 years old and is now rearfacing again at 2 1/2 and doesnt complain about it, she loves seeing out the back and side windows rather then at the back of my seat, she still talks to us plus she doesnt complain that her feet hurt cause they dont dangle, dangling legs = poor blood flow and circulation

Merry - posted on 10/31/2011




Wow yes there is no seat I've ever seen that would rearfacing beyond 55lbs and I do agree that certain mental disorders do compromise rear facing. These cases are the minorities but do have to be taken into account!
So I'll reiterate the last phrase
"" Rear face as long as you possibly can and keep your children's spines safe""
And obviously there's nothing you can do at his size to rearfacing so you've done your best! Thanks for sharing! I'm sure any average sized kiddies of yors will be able to rearfacing much longer :)

Stina - posted on 10/31/2011




thanks for the update :) but id like to add your right the average kid isnt 45lbs til 5...but my 3 yo is 41 inches tall, 60lbs...and there is no way he will let me rear face him at all...he has issues...hes O.D.D. and has High-Functional Autism, he has serious meltdowns over the rear facing thing...and there is absolutely nothing i can do about my big he does face the front...

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