My new pregnancy!!

Merry - posted on 08/27/2010 ( 16 moms have responded )




Lets all share the story of how we found out we were pregnant. Include info about other kids you have, and especially how you felt upon learning you were pregnant!


AMANDA - posted on 10/12/2010




well i kinda have a little interesting string of events. after miscarring my 1st pregnancy in june of this year my cycles had been 37day the first month post miscarriage and 35 days the second month after.. then after my second period 14 days later i started bleeding mid cycle.. thought it was weird cause i never have mid cycle bleeding never the less bright blood so i saw my gyn and she did an ultrasound since i have a history of ovarian cysts being big problems.. she said she saw where i had ovulated from in the last few days and i told her that we had been regularly trying during that period and highly reccomended i test for pregnancy in two weeks. so i took her advice and the day i was due for a period i took one and it said negative so i waited 3 days and took another one it was negative again.. then waited a week and it was still negative!!!!! well after another week and a half (now 6 weeks since last period) my period still hasnt shown up so i figured id do just one more test and if it was still negative id call the doctor and find out whats up.. WELL!!! the fourth times my charm it was POSITIVE!!! my husband had already left for work so i met him for lunch and took my test with me showed it to him and he started crying in disbelief.. now we are 8 weeks along and are excited but still worried about losing this baby too.. all will be well once we see the little heart beat on the 27th.. this is going to be our 2nd pregnancy but hopefully 1st baby. which is still a blessing in its own since after 5 years of TTC and seeing several fertility doctors we were told we had less than a 5 % chance of ever concieving on our own due to multiple issues on both our parts.. now we have done it twice on our own this year!!! so we look forward to every minute of the pregnancy and def lood forward to the day when we are holding our little miracle in our arms =) and get to take him or her home with us...

Emma - posted on 09/08/2010




Well I found out about 2 weeks ago that Im pregnant with my second baby. I have a daughter that will be 1 on the 11th of September so there will be around 20 months between my too babies. We were trying for this baby for only about a month and a half so we were lucky to get pregnant pretty quick, but it only took a about a week with my daughter so i guess im just very fertile lol. Im so excited to be pregnant again :D
My due date is May 2nd
It will be great to hear from other mums due in May and here all their stories


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Tiffani - posted on 09/28/2010




well im also due may 9th i have a soon to be two year old born 10-10-08 she is amazing she is my world my husband couldnt believe that i was pregnant i took two home pregnancy tests that had a really faint line on both so i waited a few days took another it showed up in 36 seconds i was so tickled me and my husband are so excited we dont know what to do we wanted two kids and we got them lol my little girl doesnt quite understand so idk how she is going to react but i thinkn she will be fine im gettin big quick with this one with my daughter i only gained 17 pounds the hole time i have already gained seven pounds wow lol but i dont care im still so excited i got to the dr two days after my daughters second birthday to see the heartbeat and her it for the first time and make sure evverything is going good i couldnt be a more happier mommy i dont think

Stina - posted on 09/20/2010




hey ladies! my name is Stina and im about to be 30 :)

my kiddos i have now are 11 mos apart...i conceived them the same day Nov 10th 06 and 07..due the same day Aug 18th 07 and 08


and no im not kidding :)

my princess was born on 8/24/07
my lil dude was born on 8/14/08

and im pregnant again! yikes!...ive used protection every moment since i birthed my lil dude and well this one time in august i :) so im pregnant...

i was so in love with being pregnant with my first. it was my first. it was magical and so was the labor and drugs no nothing she was 8lbs...

being pregnant with my 2nd. gosh i was in pain 24-7 and i couldnt wait to get it over with...and again..beautiful drugs nothing and he was 10lbs even :)

ive been sick with this 3rd pregnancy since i started to feel funny..sure im only 7 weeks along..but man o man i do not ever remember feeling like this with my other 2 pregnancies

so thats my stories.

im due on May 9th--one day after mothers day how neat..

Martha - posted on 09/18/2010




well....about 4 wks ago we decided to get off BC and I couldnt have been happier..I wanted to lose a couple pounds before I got pregnant with number 2 but well God had different plans...My 1st is 13 mo in about a week...He is amazing...walking around everywhere...13 teeth...still breastfeeding...(the nurse almost acted shocked...not sure why) about a week and a half after my was my hubbys' bday and well yea...the next weekend I was soooo tired...slept the whole weekend away and daddy knew i wasnt feeling great so he changed every diaper (cloth....if anyone has q's i luv my system!!! ) and did all his meals...I TOLD HIM I WAS PREGNANT...which would have only been a week after we conceived...and he laughed it off..I took two tests and I knew it was just too early..but just coming off of nuva ring...i knew it could mess with when my next period a couple days later...MIND YOU I LIVE IN JAPAN..marine corps wife! ...daddy came home early and I popped out of the house to go to the grocery store...i bought a twin pack of tests and told myself Id take it in a couple days if I didnt get my period...well my hubby who didnt know I bought them was quite surprised when i came rushing out of the bathroom in tears!!! happy of course...cuz there was a faint faint line...i couldnt believe it bc i still thought it was too early to test.....Anyways..I told him..."i think were pregnant" between tears...and ran out the front door..... At this point my other Marine mommies with all our kids were outside playing and i ran up to tell them the news...IMMEDIATELY my neighbor rushed me upstairs to take her digital one while she force fed me water..haha she started like chanting my girl name...lets go trinity...haha then we got to call and wake up people with a 13 hr time difference from the east coast..and then i made a tee shirt ...future big brother and posted it on announcement ...just that shirt......needless to say were thrilled....a little nervous to move from japan in about a year with a 2 year old and a 5-6 mo old...but im sure we will manage...24 hrs of flying should be interesting...

Amanda - posted on 09/18/2010




I just found out that I am pregnant 2 days ago. I was a bit of a shock but we are very excited! I also have a 5 year old daughter that has been asking for a little brother for the past 6 months so I guess she knew something before we did :). My due date is 5-27-2011 but I had my daughter 3 weeks early so you never know!

Stephanie - posted on 09/16/2010




Well we were ttc so for the last two cycles if I was a day late I would test. I just had the Mirena IUD taken out 2 cycles ago and so everything was screwed up. My first cycle was 43 days so when AF had not shown up by the 44th day of this last cycle I took a test at 3am after my fiance left for work. The first one was a little blurry to me so I took another one and sure enough they both had two lines. I got my 12 year old out of bed for school at 6 by telling her to come look at them. Then at 730am when my fiance called on his first break I told him.

Michelle - posted on 09/16/2010




Found out last Monday. I had taken my daughter to dance class, went to the store with her and my youngest who is 6 mo's old, was looking at the pregnancy test but didn't want her to know. So I told her (she is 8yrs old) to go a couple of rows over to pick out a new head band. She didn't even catch on that I put the test in my basket.
We got home, I took the test (it's about 9:30pm) it said pregnant! I called my husband down and he said,"Crap! Now I guess I am going to have to wait on the lazer eye surgery!" He was kidding with me. He also said we might as well start looking up boys names cause the likely hood of us having another boy is very likely.

Merry - posted on 09/13/2010




congrats Paula! my son is also april 09, what day is your sons born in april?

Paula - posted on 09/13/2010




I found out I was preggers 2 weeks ago and was seriously shocked it was just a few days before my oldests 3rd birthday(and the insane part is we found out about his little brother about a week before his first birthday) and was only 3 days late for my period!! I think my due date is May 9th!! but it being #3 I am thinking the end of April which is great because my youngest is a April 09 baby!! and well a mothers ring with diamonds and a sapphire will be prettier than an emerald, diamond, and sapphire LOL!! I am having crazy mood swings already!! and already having a hard time getting my pants to fit!!

RaeAnna - posted on 09/13/2010




That's funny that all our kids are almost the same age! My son is 14 months and this baby will be born around May 9th!
We've been trying for a couple months but I just started doing the basal body temperature and that's how we were able to know when to try and conceive! We got my son a "Big Brother" shirt but it still took a while for our family to figure it out! haha!

Michelle - posted on 09/10/2010




That's funny, I felt the same way when I found out I was pregnant again, it took over a year to conceive the first one, then we decided to start trying right before our first daughter turned one, and it only took 3 months this time, Megan turned one on Aug 17th and the new one is due May 13th. I was one day late so I took a home test, and instead of taking 2 minutes to show up positive, it took like 20 seconds :-) I took another test Sunday and another Monday, again, very quick positives, and today I'm a week late, so pretty positive there is something growing inside :-D Going to tell our families this weekend (grandparents day), too appropriate! :-)

[deleted account]

hey there, when i had my daughter i did a home test, noone believed it was positive as it was the tiny faintest line you could only see if you squinted! haha

finnaly got confirmed 3 weeks later by a doctor :) my daughter is now just coming up to 8 months, shes just got her first 2 bottom teeth, shes crawling and absolutely fantastic, yesterday was a great day because not only did i find out i was pregnant, it will be 2 weeks until i get married and my daughter said mama for the first time :D

just found out yesterday im expecting again, i didnt think i was pregnant at all so it came as a shock, even though we were trying for the last 2 months i had no sings, it came up positive instantly and i ran down the stairs so fast my partner knew it was positive before i even told me, i was still pulling up my trowsers as i jumped on him in the kitchen to hug him crying :)

Merry - posted on 08/27/2010




Well I just found out I am pregnant about 35 minutes ago. It has been 3 months of trying to conceive our second child. My son Eric is 1year and almost 5 months. He was an April 2009 baby and I am so very very excited I am pregnant again! My husband and I have been trying to not get our hopes up but I always was expecting it to work. I knew how devistated Id be if I got my period but Im an all or nothing kind of woman. :)
My due date is May 1st

sooooo very very very excited right now!!!!!
I cant wait for moms to join so we can all talk and share together.
Hope to see moms here soon!

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