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Elizabeth - posted on 09/10/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was just diagnosed with Ptsd and social anxiety, it all sparked from my daughter's delivery. I had preclaymsia the doctor made me have her vaginally i knew something was wrong when she was coming non of the labor felt right at all. i had a hard time pushing her out it was so bad. delivering her, it felt like she was coming thru the bowel. which sounds grouse the doctor cut me from top to bottom. then he started tugging the placenta out, he had ripped it out and left a big chunk of it in. i had to have 6 units of blood plasma. i was in icu they thought i wouldn't pull threw. i had to have a central line put into my throat because they couldn't get to my vein's anymore. I had to have a dnc done because when he was pulling on the placenta he left a major chunk inside. then when i got out of the hospital i was sick for a month to 2 months i couldnt hold my baby or do anything for her because i was sparking fevers throwing constantly tooken by ambulance they marked me with a uti. but the antibotics didnt work i ended back up in the hospital to find out i had a uterous infection for that long. I went thru H*** now i had ptsd, i cant' even leave my daughter or im having extreme panic attacks. im wondering if theres anyone else out there that had a rough time with birth...


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Bethany - posted on 09/12/2011




I have PTSD. Mine wasnt from giving birth. I am sorry that you went through so much pain. What helped me was talking a mental health counsilor. I was given a lot of tools to help me cope. I still gave days where I am constantly on gaurd and afraid, but its getting better. Some people can do it on thier own and others need help and there is nothing wrong with needing help.

Courtney - posted on 09/12/2010




I have mental illness (bi-polar II), but not from actually giving birth. Thankfully, my daughter's birth was fairly normal. But after she was born, I had a horrible bought with post pardum depression for almost 3 months. I was scared to drive, to shower, to do anything where my attention wasn't 100% on her. I ended up leaving her father (we'd originally split when I was pregnant, got back together when she was born, and split for good when she was 3 months old). All I can say is what helped me. Part of it was my own just pushing through it. Yep, it was hard. No, it was NOT comfortable, but it was necessary. And, thankfully my mother and sister were more than willing to help me in any way possible.

I've also dealt with social anxiety disorder, pre-pregnancy. I'm no longer afraid to be around people. I was in college AND working at the college at the time. I was SO afraid of teenagers (good place to force myself to be, huh?) Not that I thought they would hurt me, but I actually thought they'd crowd around me and laugh at me. But, what helped me through that was a handful of good friends. They'd invite me to lunch in the caf and I'd almost go into a full panic attack at the door. But they pushed me to walk in WITH them. If I concentrated just on what was going on with the person or people I was with, I didn't have time to concentrate on how uncomfortable I was being surrounded by all these people that I didn't know. After several months of that, i actually came to feel comfortable, because I realized I always knew SOMEONE in there.

Hope it helps some. It's rough, but I'm sure you can pull through.

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