needing help to cope with my son's behavor

Jessica - posted on 10/07/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




hi my name is jess and i have three metal health illness, they are post traumatic stress disorder, major depression, and borderline personality disorder, my eldest son also has adhd and mood disorder nos. anyway i'm having a hard time coping with his behaviors when he is acting up in school. my son is six and in kindergarten. last week he was touching another student inappropriate not once but twice in two separate occasions. that caused him to have a two day out of school suspension i'm so stun that i called anyone that i can think of that work with him in the past and current (unfortunately couldn't get a hold of his doctor or therapist at the time) i also called child services to see if this would be and issue for them to come out. i also had taken him down to the mental hospital to get evaluated to see if there is some one else who can talk to him besides; me & my hubby. we asked him calming where he touch the other child and he laughed and giggle about it saying he touched the student here and there but not where the principle told us of what he had said to her. i'm so upset that i feel the parents of the child he touch thinks where bad parents and where not. i had my son in wrap-around services for 2 1/2 years and was discharged this year in july he was doing well enough that he only had small my-nute problems that was ok for him to be discharged. he's been going to preschool since two days after his 3rd birthday and had no problems with him acting this inappropriate. we don't know where this had come from he was never physically, verbal and/or sexually abused from anyone of our friends (theres very few) and family members. we dont know where he picked it up from. i'm so distraught that i don't know if this is normal behavioral to be exploratory at this age.

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