Mentors for Teen Moms

Becoming a teen mom is something that sticks with you and affects your entire life....even after the children have grown up and moved out of the house. Teens tend to turn to other teens for venting and advice....often, other teens have difficulty recognizing long term consequences. Teens also turn to "professionals" who can frequently be judgmental and talk down to young moms. For those of us who were teen moms and are now adults, we have experienced many of the confusing dilemmas that these young moms will face. We can offer support to our younger "sisters at heart" that is non judgmental (we were once in their shoes), realistic, and related to the challenges of being a young parent. I've found that even as a 40 year old woman, when people discover I have a 23 year old daughter, they STILL frequently judge me. Plus, I am tired of all the negativity that young moms face from older women. Let's create a safe place where young moms can hear, "YES YOU CAN! You CAN be a great mom and have a successful life!"