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Hi :)

I was looking for friends and support from people with similar believe systems :)


Hanukkah Celebration ideas???

How will you be celebrate Hanukkah, while incorporating Yahshua/Messiah in this story. What Bible stroies and lessons has anyone used or are going to use? I can't wait to teach...


Just found this site!

I am hopeful to gleen alot of insights from your group. My name is Kelley Dillon, we are in Ohio and have recently met with a Mesianic Rabbi in our community. I am a Christian...



This is my daughter's first Hanukkah and my first time really celebrating it. So I was just wondering what ways we can celebrate to make this a lot of fun, not just for our...



First and foremost thank you for checking out my community. The point of this community is for Messianic Jewish mothers to come together and discuss our faith and how to bring...