Metal-Head mums in the UK!!  \m/,

Isnt strictly for mums into metal, all types of music really, from Thrash, Rock, Goth, Punk, Psycobilly, Oldies Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, etc. Here we can share our cool ideas, parenting tips, our views on society and how they view us, where we get our awesome kids clothes from, and just general chit-chat. cuz we're HARDCORE! \m/,


north london

anybody living in wood green area of north london? looking for info on what to do for kids in the area as i'm moving there soon. also looking to make mommy friends in the area.



so, whos lucky enough to be going to the Download Festival this year? certainly not me! for once again, i am preggo, and am due the week its on. bummer man! the lineup is so...



why dontcha post some cute pics of yer lil ones on here? give us something to tlak about!