Metal Mums In Calgary

This Community is for all the Mothers in Calgary who listen to METAL!!! Take the chance to talk about upcomming local shows, fave local bands, recent/upcomming concerts! Make friends, share opinions, give advice!!! Us Metal Heads gotta stick together :) Please no Gucci wearing Mommas talking about the Top 40!!!


Favorite Bands!

I'll go first... TOOL APC DevilDriver Deftones Machine Head As I Lay Dying Gojira Devin Townsend Metallica ...and many more


Starting Over!!

Let's try this again girls! Im Sarah and my daughter is now 3 1/2 years old and I would love to get some new members, as well as getting the old members involved! Let's give...


I would love to see this forum pick up!

Looking for other moms who like metal. I have tried to go to so many baby and mom classes, groups or play dates but me and the other moms just don't have allot in common. I...


rock on moms!

hey ladies, i am new here and would love to meet metal fan moms who are in calgary or even better, in airdrie. hopefully ttysoon!