Michigan Stay At Home Moms

This group is for Stay at home Mom who lives in Michigan and wants to connect with other Michigan moms.


Where in Michigan are you from?

Where do you live in Michigan? Is anyone interested in play dates? We're in Auburn Hills which is about 40 minutes North of Detroit. Auburn Hills is home to Great Lakes...


Piercing babies ears?

My husband and I are expecting our second child, a little girl in March. We want to get her ears pierced, I had mine done when i was 3 months old and I think that's a good time...


Christmas is coming

Just wondering with Christmas right around the corner, how are you decorating? My pediatrician suggested to not put up a Christmas tree until the babies are old enough to know...


Cider Mill

Most cider mills are open now, has anyone taken their little ones? How did they like it?


Time for another baby?

Is anyone trying to have another baby, or already expecting again? If so, what number is this one, and how old are their older sibling(s)?


How to pass time

On rainy days how do you pass your time. I am in Holland and there isn't much to do here. Anyone know of anything cheap and nearby that is fun and can pass time for a 3yr old...