Microtia and/or Atresia

A public forum for mothers of children who have microtia/atresia. Share your stories, your triumphs, and your trials.


Plastic surgery for Microtia

My daughter was born with Microtia on her left side with no hearing at all. She is going in for plastic surgery tomorrow, 19/11, it's a big operation. Was wondering if anyone...


My Lydia

Hey all! It's nice to have a group with this common yet uncommon condition. Just a brief overview, Lydia's has unilateral microtia on the right side. A mild to moderate range...


New to all of this

My daughter, Morgan, was born on October 6, 2010. Everything seemed to be fine with her and then the pediatrician told us that he had already set up referral to see an ent and a...