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My daughter, Morgan, was born on October 6, 2010. Everything seemed to be fine with her and then the pediatrician told us that he had already set up referral to see an ent and a cranial facial doctor. My husband and I were both extremely confused. All of that for 2 little skin tabs? Turns out that with all of the weird faces and sounds we were giving the baby, we didn't notice that one ear was smaller than the other and with a closer look, missing the ear canal on the inside. We spoke to the doctor briefly and found out that it was something called Microtia. We are still trying to cope and I now know that there is nothing that we did wrong but it would also be nice to talk to someone else out there that is going through the same thing so that we know that we aren't alone.


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Hi Jen. My son, Desmond, was born August 7th of this year and we are in the same boat as your family. When he was born they handed him to me and I immediately saw his little ear. It's only slightly smaller and is sealed off. Strangers never notice it unless they see one ear then the other.

It also took us a month or so to understand the condition. We've taken a huge step back and realize he's healthy and that's more than we could ask for.

We have already met with the ENT and have determined that at 10 months of age he'll get the Baja hearing aid and wear it on a headband. This will ensure optimal hearing while he's learning to talk and communicate to avoid a speech problem.

Once he's five, he will either get the Baja implanted behind his ear, or surgery to open the ear up. This all depends if the cat scan this February shows an inner ear structure. No matter what the outcome I believe reconstruction of his ear will happen around 5 years old.

I'd love to keep in touch since our kids are about the same age. Shoot me a friends request on facebook if you'd like. It'd be nice to know someone else going through the same situation.

Congrats on your new baby girl. I can fill you in on any other questions you have since we're a bit ahead. We're already having meetings with Early Intervention specialists also if you're familiar with that.

Best of luck.

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