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My son is 6 months old. We have always had problems nursing. The hospital even offered formula before he nursed with me.. I didn't get to see him until an hour and for the first few months we had to use the shield which was given to me by the hospital. I started work when her was two months and worked for a month until I quit. I wasn't able to pump so I lost alot of my supply. My son will no longer nurse from me and I cry about it everyday. I have managed to comfort nurse him when he sleeps. I want so badly to get him off the bottle and back with me. I finally got a new pump and I'm trying to pump every hour but sometimes I don't lactate at all. I can only get an ounce or two in 24 hours. What do I do???? I feel so awful... Should I try the shield again? How do I get him to be interested in nursing again? He'll latch but then fuss because he isn't getting milk fast enough.. Please help me.


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Jessica - posted on 04/07/2010




the other ladies have offered good tips, tips that i would have also recommended. but another thing to remember is DON'T STRESS. stressing will make your supply lower even more. there are certain foods and drinks that help your supply. oatmeal and beer are good for example, just don't drink too much beer lol. also, keep yourself hydrated. but don't force water or it will have the reverse effect. pump often and keep trying to get him to latch!! try power pumping???

Jessica - posted on 03/10/2010




I don't have personal experience with this but in general I would say that the more time your son can spend on your breast the more that will help your milk supply. I realize that is very hard when he fusses because he isn't getting enough and then you have to give him a bottle. Pumping every hour is probably too much for you and will make you sore and stressed. If you are home with him now, I would really try to have him nurse as long as possible before offering him a bottle. Drink lots of water and eat lost of nutritious food and do not beat yourself up over this!
If you are still struggling (I realize you posted this a while ago) you should get some advice from a group such as La Leche League - their meetings are free and lots of great advice is exchanged at the meetings - you should be able to find a local chapter online.

Amy - posted on 02/11/2010




Bridget, my heart breaks for you...I had a similar experience..poor lactation help in the daughter was tiny, had a poor latch and I had pregnancy-related carpal tunnel which made my arms just ACHE when I tried to hold her in one position for nursing...the nurses gave me a shield much too soon..which seemed to help but they never told me that it could actually decrease my already-low milk b/c it does not provide the same nipple stimulation...they also had me pump and give her a bottle much too soon, which made it even harder for her to latch...she began dropping so much weight that I was forced to supplement, and eventually she stopped nursing completely, although I kept pumping so she could have at least 2 bottles of breast milk a you, I cried about this heart was broken..I had no idea anything could hurt so badly..I was so sad about this that I actually asked my priest to pray for us during our church's healing service....I eventually took her to a different hosp for new lactation help...they tried the SNS, which didn't work..but primarily they were just very kind and encouraging to me...they suggested I do as many bottles as possible skin-to-skin and offer the breast anytime..I did just that and also took Reglan, fenugreek and blessed thistle...and then one day, when she was almost 4 months old, I offered her the breast and she took it like it was the most natural thing in the world...and she has been nursing ever supply was still low so I had to keep supplementing for awhile...but every time she nursed, it helped my milk...I still had to struggle w/her dr..who did not fully appreciate the miracle of a 4 month old starting to nurse after being bottle-fed and was only concerned w/her place on the growth-percentile chart... (she is on the small side but wonderfully healthy, bright and happy) they kept pushing more formula, although I kept saying that more bottles would mean less nursing and less milk...I eventually started solids at 7 months..avocado and then sweet potatoes & squash roasted w/olive oil to give her more calories, b/c I felt solids wouldn't interfere w/ nursing the way more bottles would--and I was daughter just celebrated her 1st birthday and is still nursing...we phased out the formula, and I work an overnight shift 3 nights a week during which I pump so my husband has milk on hand when I'm gone..

Miracles do happen and I will say a prayer that one will happen for are obviously a wonderful, loving mommy who wants the best for her KIND to gentle and forgiving...and enjoy the comfort nursing...every little bit will help...also enjoy skin-to-skin bottles whenever you can...I think that was one of our saving graces....I wish you all the best and hope to hear how you're doing again

Jessica - posted on 02/11/2010




Try a warm shower before you pump. Breast massage, lactation tea also help. If I recall, La leche League doesn't require you to have medical insurance to help you. My doctor "presribed" a 6 pack of beer every two weeks - which mainly just relaxes YOU but the mental impact works wonders alone! Perhaps if you nursed him after a bottle, so he is less hungry and simply comfort-sucking could help stimulate your supply. I agree that trying to pump every hour is maybe not the best idea (even though it is well intended!) and can just stress you more, which will make relactating that much harder.

Just think: There are adoptive moms who can nurse, and so can you!!

Marcy - posted on 01/28/2010




Don't pump once per hour. You are stressing yourself out girl! Just relax, try and nurse him and toss the nipple shield on and if it doesn't work then put him on the bottle and pump while he is eating. Just holding him and having him around you will help. I can't offer any advise on natural herbs...but I found that drinking lots of water really helped me. Also, what kind of pump do you have and how high do you have the suction thing on? Good luck and keep trying.

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Thank you for you tips Carol. Unfortunately I do not have any health insurance for myself. I will check out the websites and the herbs. Thank you for your help.

Johnny - posted on 01/26/2010




Have you consulted The help on there is amazing. Also, And My recommendation for getting more milk at this point would probably be to talk to your doctor about trying domperidone. I am nursing after breast surgeries and it has meant the difference between being able to exclusively breastfeed or formula feeding. Fenugreek combined with blessed thistle helps many women. And an herb called Shatavari. Also, have you talked to LLL or an IBCLC?

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