Military Families!!

For moms who have kids in the military or are married to someone in the miltary and you have kids!! :)


Anyone live around Fort Rucker, AL??

I just moved here and have no family or friends around here. Just like to know a little about the place and see what there is to do around here, any information would be greatly...


New Air Force Wife

I am so glad that I found this site. My husband just left for basic training a few days ago and its been really hard on me. Seeing some of the post from you all...from women...


Langley area where to go for...

Does anyone know where I would go in the Langley area to apply for WIC? Do I have to go out into town? (I feel like I get better treatment at WIC offices for military families...


What is Bragg like???

I haven't heard anything good about Bragg and so I was wondering if anyone can tell me what it's like there.. Are there lots for kids to do how are the school. Do you have to...


What's Ft Drum like??

I'm in Ft Riley right now and we will be PCSing in a little while are places are limited and Drum is one that we can go but i've heard there's not much to do and you have to...


Anyone in Saratoga Springs, NY?

I'm 24 and my son is 16 months. We moved here about 2 months ago and would love to meet new people! If you're in the area and would like to get together for a playdate let us know!


Anyone in Graf?

I'm in Fl. right now but I'm going to be back in Germany in April and was looking for other moms to get together with =)


Lemoore CA !?

does anyone of u live near or around lemoore CA?? would be nice to know some people around me ....


What is the housing like at Ft. Stewart?

We have orders to go to Ft. Stewart in January. I currently have a toddler and another one on the way. Is the housing on base safe for infants? I currently live at Ft. Benning,...


never want to forget

i dont want my one year old to forget her dad he'll be gone for 7 months but i really dont want her to forget him... she knows his name and knows his face but will that last for...


Anyone stationed at or near Ft. Hood??

I'm moving to the Ft. Hood area this summer and could use a little direction on finding housing (we would like to rent a 4bd rm house) and getting my daughter into a good middle...