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I was getting ready to write my birth plan and my obgyn told me I should get an epidural. I have a some what low pain tolerance, but a high anxiety with blood and needles. Yeah I know what your thinking and "your having a baby?" But I was wondering other mom's point of view of having one, or just going going with IV pain meds? Thank you


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Carrie - posted on 08/26/2010




I was told I shouldn't get an epidural because I had a back injury but it was up to me. I didn't plan on getting one but I was induced because my liver was shutting down and the only reason they gave me the epidural was not for the pain but to stop me from scratching my legs so much they were bleeding. They had to try 3 times to get the epidural in but i didn't feel any of them. I was so happy they gave me the epidural. I slept through the entire labor and woke up pushed 3 times and it was over! Epidural = HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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Aly ,You cant plan how everything will go exactly. If you need it ask for it!!. If you are totally opposed to any drugs during labor than dont put it in and be specific. I did not put in in my plan but as it turned out he was too big I had an epidural and a c-section. Who knew!!! Good luck on a safe and healthy delivery!!

Tamara - posted on 05/26/2010




I'm not sure. I had put down I wanted an epidural in my birth plan. but ended up not having any. For me labor and delivery was a quick one. There was never anytime for me to get one. I say when you do go into labor see how you feel. you have the option to request one or not. good luck.

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I was induced so the contractions are 10x more painful than normal!! The nurse didn't happen to tell me that with an induction u can get an epidural at any point in time you don't have to wait until u are a certain amount dilated, so I waited to get the epidural b/cuz I didn't kno. They ended up giving me some kind of medicine thru my IV and it hit me rite away. I didn't like it, I felt super light headed and really drunk almost. It wore off after about an hour anyways. When I did get my epidural it was AMAZING!! lol my contractions before I got the epidural where coming every min and where intolerable!! I was in soo much pain that when the epidural was going in it just felt like a small pinch, nothing compared to contractions lol the epidural was well worth it : )

Devon - posted on 05/22/2010




I had an epidural and it was wonderful lol...getting it initially sucks big time but it is def. well worth it...I asked my docs bout iv pain meds and they were reluctant bc they didn't want anything going to the baby. You won't see them putting the epidural in and just avert your eyes if the needle is being set up in front of you (which it shouldn't be)..but with contractions you prob won't notice them setting it up..but once the initial poke is done you feel a cool feeling then the numbing begins...the hardest part for me was sitting still in the position needed...I def do recommend it tho...good luck!!! If you have any other questions feel free to message me.

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