How to cope with your husband being deployed while pregnant and giving birth


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Crikey MUm - posted on 12/12/2011




It's bloody hard, but as Denikka posted, you absolutely MUST have a support network (physical and online) whether it's a family member come stay with you for even 2 weeks after the birth to a friend that comes every other day to just help you out...(SLEEP) and to chat.

It's hard, this is true, but it's not impossible! We are women, and more than that MUM'S...the strongest of them all! Best wishes and chat anytime!

Denikka - posted on 11/23/2011




I'm not a military mom, but for assorted reasons, my hubby wasn't able to be there for the birth of our daughter.
I found that the most helpful thing to do was to put an alternative support system in place, especially for the birth. Just having someone there to hold your hand makes a world of difference.
I personally used a doula (and now the ongoing argument is that I'd prefer a doula over him for the next one XD) but anyone you're close to would work, a friend or family member.
Find someone that you can talk to, rant at, and cry on their shoulder. Find someone who can give you the physical and emotional support that you need. Figure out who you'd like in the room while you give birth, and then take them to the birthing courses (if you're going to any at all)
Basically, find a stand in for your husband :) It's not to take anything away from him, it's to give YOU the support that you need that he currently can't give you :)

Any other advice will have to come from someone else, probably with a military spouse :) I just want to say, good luck to you and congratulations on the impending bundle of joy :)

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