Very new Army wife.... Any advice?

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Hey my name is Danielle Brown and I have one child a baby boy who is 8 months my husband just went to AIT at Ft. Lee in VA so Im very new the military life and I can already tell that the military is very demanding. I really dont know what to expect after his finish with AIT you can say I'm kind of scared about the move and any and everything after that if anyone have advice for me I would really appreciate it .... THANKS!!

PS. He active duty but the way.


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Hey, I am actually pretty new to this myself. I was active duty for a little more than two years, then had my son & became an Army spouse, which is very different from being in. The military is SOO demanding, and it is hard to be stationed away from your family ( it WILL come up) Just remember he misses home just as much as you do & be supportive of him, it's hard sometimes but he needs it. Keep in touch with family through email,skype, or Fb. it really helps to get involved with other military spouses, they know what you are going through. it will help to know you are not alone. Just be flexible, at the last minute he could be told he has to go "to the field" for two weeks, & that SUCKS. any specific questions just ask.

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don't be afraid to ask for help! friends, family, neighbors...

Make sure your bank accounts are joint accounts, make sure you have POA Power of Attorney, if he gets deployed... definately participate or keep in touch with any Family Readiness Groups, or FRG. There will be info to come when he graduates from AIT...He will be then assigned to a unit at that point. Make sure he shares as much information with you as possible. You will be fine! ;)

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Hi, Danielle! Congratulations on joining the very special group of women known as military spouses. I was one for 29 years, and it was an amazing journey. I was also a military "brat" whose dad was in the Air Force for 22 years, and am now a military mom whose son is in the Army. The most important piece of advice: be flexible, and always be supportive. Learn to be a little independent (if you aren't already), because you never know when the Army will deploy your husband and you will be sorta on your own for awhile. Make friends with other military wives, attend the functions that are available to you, and learn as much about what your husband does as you can. He can't share his frustrations if you don't know what he's talking about. And always remember that he is doing a critically important job for all of us, so be proud! Good luck; you'll be fine!

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