Anyone at Fort Hood Texas?

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We are new to Fort Hood. Came with nothing except our clothes!! We are slowly getting the items we need. Seems like a long process. But We don't know anyone here!! All of our family and friends are over 1000 miles away. We are in our late 20's. We have three children. A little girl who is ten and twin boys who are 5 months old. Our daughter will be going to Georgia soon as she stays with my Mom. I would like to meet some people because he leave in August for a month for pre-deployment training and there is talking about him deploying shortly after for 9 months. I don't wanna feel like a prisoner in my own home. And I am sure I will need people to talk too in order to get through this. It will be his first deployment. Thanks for reading.. And feel free to add me on facebook if you have one.


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Hayley - posted on 08/20/2012




HI, im new to the fort hood area too. my husband just got based here. I dont know anyone. We have a daughter who is almost 8 months old. it seems as if my age is making people on this forums not want to talk to me or even be my friend. Im 18 and my husband is 19.

Ashley - posted on 06/09/2012




HI my name is ashley and I just got here last month My husband will be stationed here soon I hope So its just me MY daugher and son right now We have been so board and Need FRIENDS :) lol Let me know if you want to hang out some time.. I dont know anyone here but his mom and dad which i am staying with lol So I need an out lol.. my daugher is 4 and son is 2 I am 23 if you want you can find me on fb as well under ashley delasalle lol:)

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