Anyone in Fort Bennings????

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I just found out that me and my family will soon be heading to Ga...I'm trying to get as much info on on post housing as possible. I would appreciate it if you guys can help me as much as you can...Thanks..


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We are currently stationed at Ft. Benning. They have some decent areas on Post but with the movement of Ft. Knox, housing is very limited. When we 1st got here, they offered us a house and it was terrible. Columbus is right outside of Benning and if you want a decent neighborhood, you'll have to go out towards exit 10. There is the back of Benning which is Ft. Mitchell Alabama. They are really close but there is nothing in the area close by besides the base. We live in Phenix City Alabama and it takes about 25 minutes to get to base. I have 2 kids and the school they go to is great. That was how we decided where we wanted to live. I wanted them in a good school. We are far enough from downtown Phenix City(not big at all) and Columbus that we have no problems in our neighborhoods. The PX, Commissary and Hospital area gets really busy during lunch time so I would avoid that area if possible. With the construction going on over there and Knox moving down here, I try to stay off of the base as much as possible. This is my 1st time living of base and I love it. Our housing area is spread out far enough that we don't hear the neighbors and everyone can do their own thing with out the neighbors knowing your business. Hope this helps you out a little.

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just moved from there also. ok im going to be honest cause i would want the same...
NEGETIVES - columbus (where benning is located) is not really great :/ like right directly off post is pretty ummm bad. we lived off post. off of exit 10 (you'll become familiar with it lol) thats where the shopping is. also fort mitchell behind post its in alabama is nice to live in. i hate on post living in general but the new housing isnt to bad. they are condeming all the old housing and building new ones. however if they try and put you in custer village tell them hellllll noooo!! horrible housing there and the mold in the walls and vents is unbelievable. oh and cockroaches yea GA has a huge problem with them. just have maintnance spray every month and you'll be fine though. sorry for the some negetive just trying to help a bit.
POSITVIVES :) we were there for 3yrs and i enjoyed it. lots of places to work around there if thats what you want to do. exit 10 lots of shopping. exit 7 is the peachtree mall. if you have lil ones exit 7 there is a place called mikaylas. great 2nd hand store plus you can bring your old stuff there and sell it :) the beaches a few hours away are BEAUTIFUL. st. simon island we went on a marriage retreat there (take advantage of those they're pretty great) it was gorgeous with the sunsets and dolphins. take advantage of it! overall a good post but def take advantage of driving to the beaches and florida i wish i did because they are awesome! hope this helped a little.
enjoy the warm weather!!!! and good luck :)
oh also they just opened a few new pools on post and they are really nice!

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I just moved from there. Post housing is pretty good. There is only 2 villages that are not the greatest. It is Indianhead and Boughton heights.

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