Are there any free things that I can do with my child while her dad is deployed?


Ashley - posted on 06/16/2011




You can go to and they have allot of ideas and FREE stuff ie.. books for the kids and bears and things like that. We are in Bangor WA my husband is in the navy on subs. We use the MWR and Military OneSource all the time. there is all kids of FREE programs out there for the military ya just got to know were to look.

Yvonne - posted on 06/09/2011




it would help to know where you are so people in your area can help you. example, we are in norfolk, va and when we arrived in this area, hampton roads area, i searched free things to do in hampton roads and came up with tons of stuff. =)


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Jennifer - posted on 08/04/2011




Check out the playpass. It gives a set amount of money. Only downside is bases like where I am that they contracted them all out. Not sure ages of your children but that can make a difference. My hubby will be gone and I am pregnant, so most of the stuff I can't use. Like wine tours, hiking, and activities for kids over 5 and mine is 4. But we got free swim classes and they said we could use it to rent the swimming pool for a party. So I guess maybe a swim party is in our future.

Amy - posted on 08/01/2011




I heard that you get either discounted or free YMCA memberships so that might be something fun to look into.
Also wherver you go for anything just ask if there is a military discount, most places do have something or you can get them to get you something like 10% off or whatever. Stores give you discounts as well, I used to live by a base my highschool was close so people asked about things all the time in the area. Research and do more research! Ask other moms too that are in the same position. Good luck, and hope some of that might help ya out!

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i know this isn't FREE but if you have a zoo, they generally offer a cheaper military rate for the season pass. we are in jacksonville now and the public libraries are free to military. i also take my kids to mcdonalds or burger kings that have play areas. you don't have to eat. a lot of malls also have nice play areas. the base should have a community center with a play room or they can give you ideas of the programs they have and places in the area.

Brandi - posted on 06/09/2011




Look into your community and see if there's a mommy and me group. Also, I take my kids to the beach in the summer, and to the park. State parks are always fun too. Other than that we go to story time at the library where they get to do crafts and sing and dance. Check and see if your community center offers programs as well. Ours offers free movie nights for kids, and other events as well.

Yvonne - posted on 06/09/2011




do a google of free things in your area and you may find some helpful websites. never been there, so i can't really offer anything. hopefully someone with info will find ya. =)

Gina - posted on 06/09/2011




If you are near post, MWR offers free childrens sports classes. They used to give a set number of months but now I think they give you a set $ amount. My girls take gymnastics and dance classes.

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