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My husband just got orders to South Korea and this is the first real move that we will have together, plus we have a one year old. We're still newlyweds and I really have no clue how this process goes or what we have to do. I'd love to hear anything that might quell my nervousness about the upcoming process, I would love to hear it!


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I've been to red cloud and casey on visit, my ex-husband was stationed at casey in 2006. It's not that bad, be prepared to venture into the city and have odd looks, the bus drivers I swear are crazy drivers, but this is normal there, when your on the train try to stay quiet I got odd looks until I realized they have a transition period while on the train to and from work so it's customary to be quiet. Shopping around casey was amazing. They love the "American dollar" and are very willing to make a deal so don't settle for the first place you look at.
Off post housing is so different then what we're used to, I don't know about on post because when I was there they were just allowing spouses to move but not like it is now with sponsorship.
I know with the moving process the army sends people to pack up your house (a local company is contracted) and please any valuables keep on you!!! I've had things come up missing when they've moved me, even a head board disapear once! Even if you pack it in boxes they have to un pack and repack it to do inventory, so make sure you watch them like a hawk. I know with a move to Germany they provide you with furniture until your things get there, Korea should be the same, you can always ask at your mwr. Make sure you take proper clothes for the time of year and necesities. It could take a couple of months to get your things. Make sure you keep your baby close at ALL times. The streets get crowded really easy! It's beautiful in some places and rancid smelling in others. You'll be ok it's not that bad. Oh and be ready for rain! They have a very wet season and it floods bad. Hope it helps and puts you at some ease, I know a spouse that moved over around that time and she loved it at times and hated it at others.
Like I say though it's been 4 years now and I'm sure a lot of things have changed around the bases but it seemed to me a lot like the bases here in the states, it was just outside the gates that you realized it was a whole other world. Good luck and enjoy it. See the DMZ and all that you can while your there!

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